Food Art – Food As Art Viewing And Enjoy

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food art spoon houses Sun

Food art of fruit and vegetable trays

To not play with food. We’ve all heard many times before that as children. But were not thrilled when your mother has created funny puree creatures, little bread boats or appetizers-trains on the plate, hoping to increase your interest in eating? Many artists take advantage of precisely this playful effect for which the foods are a material for the production of their small works of art. The main idea that is behind it, is important. This isn’t more to social and political issues to a gimmick with the food, but much. Often important life issues like E.g. the handling with animals loads or the inequitable distribution of food worldwide.
A cute Chameleon from fruit and vegetable trays
food art spoon Chameleon

Sometimes it is of course only to the art itself. This is also the case with the young Romanian architect Ioana Vanc, which creates their stunts from different everyday objects. So she came one day to food art. They used small food such as fruit and vegetable dishes, as well as very delicate pieces of food. So are fascinating works of art created by the artist on a large spoon. The small space is an even greater challenge in their work.

Kermit the frog

food art spoon Kermit frog

As you can see here themselves, their food art collection consists of different animals, cartoon characters, flowers and many other objects. By the artist used mainly only shells, she wasted no food and their art in this way is completely sustainable and socially correct. With much attention to detail emerge one after another beautiful motifs that exist naturally only in the short term. As we already know, beauty is fleeting and so also sought yet eternal in our imagination and dreams.

Look at all imaginative feats by Ioana and enjoy this snazzy food art ideas visually!


food art spoon Batman

Filigree radish flowers

food art spoon flowers

Cucumber – grasshopper

food art spoon Grasshopper green

A proud Native American Chief

food art spoon Indian

The fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld

food art spoon Karl Lagerfeld

A Kiwi bird from Kiwi

food art spoon Kiwi fruit bird

A pair of lovers at sunset

eat art spoon cranes

The popular Mr. Bean

food art spoon Mister Bean

Panda and bamboo

eat art spoon Panda bamboo

Funny penguins

food art spoon penguins

Scenic Safari scene

eat art spoon Safari elephant

A silent herd of Zebra in the Savannah

food art spoon zebras Africa

Colorful parrots pair

food art spoon two parrots

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