Graffiti Art – Stunning Street Art From Around The World

Editor   January 14, 2015   Comments Off on Graffiti Art – Stunning Street Art From Around The World

graffiti art Accra Ghana colorful mask

Graffiti art

Recently, we sent you a cool graffiti art collection presents. Here comes the second episode. Street performers gave her imagination free rein from around the world. Colorful, three-dimensional creations on exterior walls, walls or under bridges have been created. You can discover again certain typical differences between the graffiti in the different countries. It is about – folklore, politics, retro art or surrealism. This urban art is very diverse and developed pretty quickly. The old building, which stood until yesterday only grey because may appear the next day very colorful and fresh with a new graffiti. Funny pictures, strange creatures, or flower – it can be anything. There are no limits to this art and she is so public and casual that you can get just keeps getting more pleasure out.

The graffiti art has become a world of its own. There are so many known and unknown artists, constantly evolving. Perhaps have you seen also yesterday or today a new graffiti in your city? If not, then enjoy this collection of graffiti, which we have created for you and try to understand the expression or the idea of the artist.

Graffiti art in Athens, Greece – the gas masks
graffiti art Athens Greece gas masks

Political hot-air balloons in Barcelona, Spain

art graffiti Barcelona Spain hot air balloon

Berlin, Germany – art against war

graffiti art Berlin Germany politically

Buenos Aires, Argentina – men and women

art graffiti Buenos Aires three-dimensional

Georgetown, Malaysia – boy and Dragon

art graffiti Georgetown Malaysia Dragon

Cape Town, Südaftika – hot-air balloon and jellyfish

art graffiti Cape Town South Africa landscape

Valparaíso, Chile – van Gogh reproduction

art graffiti Valparaiso Chile Van Gogh

Lisbon, Portugal – the mechanical man

art graffiti Lisbon Portugal robot

London, England – mother and child

art graffiti London mother-child

Melbourne, Australia – retro art

art graffiti Melbourne Australia retro style

Moscow, Russia – geometric patterns

graffiti art Moscow Russia abstract

New York, United States – Red fonts

graffiti art of new Yourk fonts

Philadelphia, United States – workers

graffiti art Philadelphia United States workers

San Francisco, United States – surrealistic image

graffiti art San Francisco USA surrealism

Sao Paulo, Brazil – bizarre figures

graffiti art Sao Paulo Braisilien bridge

Warsaw, Poland – bird series

graffiti art Warsaw Poland birds

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