Imaginative Steampunk Art From Lithuania

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steampunk art forming assemblage of metal sculptures

What do you know about steampunk art?

Steampunk art is unmistakable and striking. Emerged in the 80s has the steampunk as a cultural direction as a literary movement, later and lifestyle developed. Many compare this style with the Gothic movement. In fact both have a lot in common. Steampunk is focused more on the technical. Quite unlike the gears and the steam engines here. The word steampunk itself comes from English and consists of two parts – even steam (also known as steam) and punk, referring to the cyberpunk subculture. The steampunk movement has its roots in the novels by science fiction authors such as Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. There is an imaginative idea on the future from the point of view of the past. Steampunk is called also retro Futurism.

The big machines and the sturdy metal parts are available here in the spotlight

steampunk art assemblage beetle metal

Today we introduce art of Lithuanian artist of Arturas Tamasauskas steampunk. It is a lovely, creative blend of Upcycling and modern art. Numerous metallic parts are used such as gears, silver cutlery, machine parts, and even old scissors during the creation process. The young artist produces his works especially on the principle of assemblage. Assemblage is a work of art that is positioned on a base plate and consists of plastic objects, which in turn are added together as collage. Here beautiful figures are created in this way. Arturas created especially birds and insects because they fascinate him with their complexity and fragility.

Have you ever seen such a bouquet?

steampunk art Strauss animal figurine

steampunk art ostrich head detail

Our clear favorite in this collection is the Green Chameleon. He just sits there, on a machine part and just after the first fascination you notice the delicate gears and the other metal parts, from which the animal was made. Also the bubble that, counts along with the fly, to the most popular insects in the steampunk art is no less admirable. The IKARUS figure is of course also very suitable depicted by the artist. The ancient Greek myth of Icarus can be viewed with a bit more imagination as an example of Stampunk idea from ancient times. Here worked the artist with an old silverware and leather strips.

IKARUS shows unique and distinctive

steampunk art assemblage IKARUS

Here, you will discover even more whimsical creations such as a strange trophy, a motorcycle, a friendly turtle, and much more. See all steampunk art Tücke and find your own favorite here.

Futuristic machine in the steampunk style

steampunk art assemblage metal figure machine

A cuter EMU runs through the field

steampunk art assemblage animal figure EMU

Subs are more popular objects of that art direction

steampunk art assemblage Uboot metal

Filigree and majestic – the Dragonfly

steampunk art metal Labelle

steampunk art fly metal

Artfully composed

steampunk art motorcycle creative

Deer trophy and retro radio

steampunk art retro appliances

Imaginative and refined steampunk art turtle

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