Impressionismus-the Impressive Collection Of The Moment

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Impressionism card player Cezanne

On the characteristics and history of Impressionism art

Impressionism was born in the 80-ies of the last century in France. He there follows the style of romanticism. From the beginning, he looks deep to explore the intensity of colors and their effect. Actually, the term Impressionism was first used by a French critic with a negative sense. But then he marked a whole style in painting.

The rich colors and the captured motion are specific to the Impressionist art movement

Impressionist Edgar Degas

The Post-Impressionist Paul Gauguin devoted his life and his art of the island of Tahiti

Impressionist Paul Gauguin Haiti

Impressionism is the effects of the Sun, and the light in the first place. The Impressionist artists observe the manner how they change the nature. For this reason, there are also the subjects always in the open air. The movement and the representation of the perception of the natural effects characterize the art of impressionism. The observation of the change of colors of equal objects is also absolutely typical during various times of the day.

The representation of light resemble today’s photography in the Impressionist style

Impressionist Renoir lunch food on the Board

The Impressionist pictures are soulful and alive

Impressionist Renoir dance in

More about the development of Impressionism

The art of Impressionism strongly affected the whole past century. This is especially for the French art, to claim for the music and the plastic. Also, the style represents a form of objective realism. Since but always with personal feeling has been rendered, the impressionism can be described as romantic.

You can see a special passion for topics with many impressionists

Impressionism Toulous-Lautrec bar

The details in this art form are not relevant the colors already,

Impressionism Monet water lilies

By the way was the comment of the inventor of the term referring to a work by Claude Monet. Other well-known names that are to bring with this style in conjunction are Gauguin, Manet, Cézanne, Lautrec, Pissarro, Sisley, Degas. The exhibitions and the contacts between the artists happened in salons where Group expositions were held. The latter form was very typical of the appearance of the works of these artists.

In the impressionism collected current mood is one of

Impressionism US Eduard Manet woman reading

Claude Monet and his typical delicate brush

Impressioni SMUs Monet

Impressionism characteristics

As you have probably already taken from the previous discussion, is the Visual effect in the Impressionism in the foreground. It’s about the impression we get as an observer in the first few seconds of viewing.

Two be residents, held by the great Gauguin

Impressio humanism Paul Gauguin

Hanry de Toulouse-Loutrec were amazed his family with personal Moulin range impressions

impression ISM Toulouse Lautrec two

The pictures bear witness always subjects which develop in the open air. There, they seem to be able to observe the effects of light best. Also very vibrant and bold colors were used. Black almost never see these pictures. The forms are blurry. This is also typical of the Impressionist art. So the differences of nuance and charisma of the objects are even more.

You recognize Edgar Degas on his tender strokes and Ballet preferences

Impressi Onismus Edgar Degas dance

Claude Monet is the creator of a whole series of images of water lilies

impression ISM Monet water lilies oil

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