Klimt Of Kuss-the Praises Of Love

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Klimt the kiss image

Klimt the kiss and the longing

“The Kiss” represents one of the most famous works of Art Nouveau and the most famous painting by Gustav Klimt. The original image is currently in the Austrian Gallery hides.

The Kiss was a square painting (180 cm x 180 cm), in the period between 1908-1909, which referred to the history of art as the ‘Golden phase’ of the artist. The popularity of the images from this time is using the gold bronze. The Byzantine painting met on a trip to Ravenna Klimt serves as a model.

The Bösendorfer city salon in Vienna is proud to be able to show a Klimt wing

Klimt the kiss Reifeprüfung model

The materials and colors evoke magical and religious associations. The rich ornaments also suggests material and spiritual wealth. These are also clear features of Art Nouveau.


There are several stories about the origin of the image. The best known is that the two lovers in the center of the image, Klimt and his mistress Emilie, are.

The Kiss by Klimt, artist represented by a Syrian street art

Klimt the kiss Syrian street art

The Golden motif as a cell phone case

Klimt the kiss case

Another story tells that Klimt was awarded a contract by a count. The count was in love in a lady-in-waiting, whose image he wore on the pendant of a necklace at. His wish was that Klimt, kissing is the pictured Lady together with the count. Gustav Klimt fulfilled its mission and therefore also the wish of the count. A question was yet unclear: why the lovers don’t really Kiss? Klimt claimed he wanted to express the desire, the mood, the atmosphere just before the kiss. The vibrating tenderness that is a fusion of love and passion through the kiss.

The Kiss by Klimt is a symbol of faith in the everlasting love

Klimt the kiss cake

Klimt the kiss workplace the image over 100 years old is particularly appreciated by young people

As a fragment or entire image – Klimt BB´s kiss is always visible

Klimt the kiss of Spanish wall

Later Klimt revealed before close friends, that he fell in the course of his mandate, in the lady from the trailer, that is why he presented the Kiss as a longing.


The kiss is an image that represents the eternal moment of enjoyment. The image is probably an expression of everlasting love between man and woman.

Klimt the kiss pleased today with a remarkable success. The portrait of two lovers and the immortal love is a preferred design due to its positive appearance.

Nowadays, you can see the subject of the image on different accessories

Klimt the kiss top

You will simply not get tired of it to consider this fusion of forms and colors

Klimt the kiss bag

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt reflects the beliefs and values of Art Nouveau

Klimt the kiss tattoo

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