Magical Jewelry You Want To Buy Online?

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Buy jewelry online – the magic is sometimes in the little things

Do you believe in magic? To adult for this? Well, maybe you enjoy anyway at a fantasy movie or an exciting book with fabulous ad. Because it feels somehow exceptional – magical! It’s like a walk through an enchanted forest where fairies and Gnomes live and eerie creatures do their mischief. And how about if you could wear a small piece of magic with everyday? Impossible? Nil! This is very possible with a beautiful necklace like this one. Cheril Lee is the creative designer who manufactures these unusual pieces of jewelry with lots of imagination. She lives in Florida and distributes their jewelry pieces mainly on Etsy.

Normally Cheril used only clay and natural materials in the production of jewellery such as shells and crystals. These give the jewelry creations even more fabulous flair and reinforce its unique aura. Pendants are the undisputed speciality of the artist and you notice their weakness for purple and blue alike. Magical mushrooms, small trees, bats, butterflies, turtles are among the most popular motifs, created the Cheril.

Buy fabulous pendants as jewelry online

etsy handmade jewellery buy jewelry online, purple crystals

All jewelry pieces are also equal with a distinctive vintage taste. Patina finish and brass shades set the tone here and their special contribution to the fairy-tale mood spread the jewelry. And Cheril writes itself on its Web site, above all the process of the Kreierens, she enjoys and looks forward to each finished piece of jewelry that will bring a lot of joy.

Because it is convinced of the glory of the symbiotic relationships in the world. Everything is connected, everything is one!

Magic mushrooms with eyes

buy jewelry online, etsy handmade magic pendant mushrooms purple eyes

So if you want you can buy online at any time magic jewelry. Viewing the Etsy online shop by Cheril in resting easy. You might discover your favorite piece right there.

Have fun browsing and a good luck!

Horns are gems

etsy handmade pendant horn buy jewelry online kristale gems

A magic bonsai in clay, brass and crystals

etsy handmade pieces of jewellery buy jewelry online bonsai tree crystals

Petite Capricorn figurine

etsy handmade handmade ideas buy jewelry online Capricorn

Cute bats as pendants

buy etsy handmade pendants bats handmade jewelry online

Small mushrooms in purple and shiny crystals

buy mushroom pendants jewelry online crystals etsy handmade

Mysterious creatures and Succulents in glass

etsy handmade unusual jewellery buy jewelry online glasses plant

Blue deer

buy jewelry online etsy handmade blue deer pendant

The tree of life

buy jewelry online etsy handmade pendants blue tree

Take the power of nature at the neck

buy jewelry online crystals of etsy necklace purple horn of mushrooms magical pieces of jewellery handmade

Each piece of jewelry is hand-made and therefore also completely unique

buy jewelry online pendant purple crystals magic jewelry trees

buy Crystal jewelry online magical jewelry handmade

magical pieces of jewellery buy jewelry online etsy purple pendant mushrooms

etsy purple butterflies buy jewelry online trailer

etsy turtle buy jewelry online handmade succulent

buy jewelry online, bat pendants handmade

buy jewelry online coral handmade turtle

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