Marc Chagall Werke-symbols Of Life

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Marc Chagall works the cattle-dealer

Marc Chagall works – beautiful and personal

Mark Chagall was a Belarus-born, French artist, whose Bilder cause mainly symbolisch-emotional associations and less looking for a rest in the traditional artistic principles.

Marc Chagall is interested very early art and drawing

Marc Chagall works


Born in Belarus in the year 1877, Marc Chagall developed a very early interest for the Visual Arts. After he studied painting, leaving Russia, to go to Paris, where he lives in an artists colony on the outskirts of the city.  Here begins a productive and inspiring time in which you incur major Marc Chagall works, such as z.B “I and the village”. The work of Marc Chagall is perfectly fixed on personal and dreamlike symbols that subtly each and two art movements that are already very said on his arrival in Paris on Cubism and Fauvism.

In many of his works, the element of music is to recognize

Marc Chagall works the concert

Moving subjects for Chagall are the art and existential life events

Marc Chagall works of poets or half past four

Impressive observation and an attention to detail

Marc Chagall works of birthday

With the outbreak of the first world war, Chagall spent some years in Belarus, where he continues to work, marry, and occupies leading positions.

In 1923, he returns to France to draw even more intensively. With the beginning of the second world war, Chagall would leave France again because he was persecuted by the Nazis because of his Jewish background and his family.

Chagall survived the two world wars that leave a trail in his art

Marc Chagall works drunken soldier

“The Green violinist” is one of his famous works

Marc Chagall works the Green violinist

Chagall turned his childhood memories in art

Marc Chagall works the lovers

Like many artists during the war, Marc Chagall found a refuge in the United States. In the post-war period, the artist had to go the chance back to Europe and to experiment with new artistic forms. He receives numerous commissions to produce large-scale works such as murals or paintings of stained-glass Windows.

You can say that “I and the village” a reflection of Chagall’s BB´s life

Marc Chagall works the village

In the work “We recognize the Champs de Mars biblical content

Marc Chagall works fields on Mars

Events such as “The birth” find an important place in the whole art of Chagall

Marc Chagall works birth

The village

Chagall was born and grew up in a small Hasidic community on the outskirts of Vitebsk, Belarus. He attended a Jewish elementary school, where he learned Hebrew and dealt with the Bible. Very early, he learns the basic techniques of drawing and soon developed a very own style. The symbols of his works carry the mood of the themes that Chagall accompany for a lifetime and have origins in childhood.

Inverted extremities, rich colors, symbolism – which is Chagall

Marc Chagall green landscape

“The drinker”-flat and lively with unique content

Marc Chagall works the drinker

“The Jewish Museum”-the inner conflict between love, war and exile

Marc Chagall works Jewish Museum

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