Metal Armour For Cats And Mice By Jeff De Boer

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armor bat cat armor

Original metal armour for cats and mice

The Canadian artist Jeff de Boer creates stunning, fine armour for cats and mice that come from different historical periods. He started this 30 years ago as a side project, as he studied sculpture. Slowly it became his life’s work.  The armor that he designed, come from time immemorial, ancient Rome, from the Renaissance and the age of the Kreuzüge and the Samurai times. Until now the artist has produced so many armor that he can’t remember the exact number.

Jeff uses different types of metal for his sculptures, but especially bronze and copper. For a tiny mouse armour he needs from 10 to 40 hours and for a cats armor by 50 to 200 hours. He has only tried to create one of the armor of his cat and still have the scars on his hands. Recently, the artist has published a book with his favorite sculptures. When we observe this carefully-made armor, we can imagine exactly how cats and mice would look if they would equip themselves for the eternal war between these two types.

Armour for cats – the Dragon

armor cat Dragon

The dragon from the front

armor armour cat

Side seen

armor armor armour cat

A fairy princess armor

armor cat fairy princess

The Elfin armor from the side

armor armor Elves

Persian Cat armor

armor cat Persian armor

Mouse armour Persians

armor Crusader mouse Persia

Golden Knights mice

armor Crusader mice armor

Teutonic Knights in series

armor mice armour

Tournament mouse made of copper

armor mouse tournament armor armour

Tournament mouse made of bronze

armor armour tournament

Gladiator cats armor

armor helmet cat Gladiator

Maximilian rat from the 15th century

armor rat Maximilian

Cat armour bat

armor armor Batkatze

The proud artist and one of his favorite creations

armor armor cat bat

Samurai armor from the Edo era

armor Samurai cat Edo Generalarmor Samurai Edo armor

Siamese Samurai

armor Samurai armor Thai

Samurai armor in detail

armor Thai Samurai armor detail

Tournament cat

armor tournament cat armor

Silver armor mouse

armor tournament mouse armor

Tournament cat bronze

Armor White Knight armor

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