Old Computer Parts Become Fabulous Upcycling Insects

Old computer parts get their second chance

Which in Portsmouth, England-based artist Julie Alice Chappell transformed used and broken computer parts in beautiful insects. Delicate butterflies, dragonflies and even flies and cockroaches are created under her skillful hands. With much imagination and hand skill, Julie manufactures their Upcycling creations. Each piece is unique, and therefore also of interest for true connoisseurs and collectors. All these unusual insects sold at Etsy online shop of artist and suitable also as a unique gift. Particularly environmentally conscious people and computer fans really will appreciate these creatures. Even at first glance, you notice the uniqueness of small figures. If one looks a bit more concentrated, one can notice also the tiny patterns on the wings and bodies of insects that are actually quite authentic. These are namely above all the circuit board of the computer parts, which were dyed in pastel.

Such as the magnificent blue butterflies below. They also consist of the Board and you can notice it on the “wing veins”. Two blue Swarovsky Opal crystals as eyes give the finishing touch and provide the luxury touch. The wingspan is 9.5 cm and comes elegantly packaged in a wooden box to your home.

Delicate butterflies out of old computer parts

computerteile used blue butterflies insects of upcycling ideas

This piece has been even more colorful

computerteile upcycling Butterfly art

So fine and graceful – the Dragonfly. Delicate, pink wings and Blue Crystal eyes draw attention to themselves and be enchanted with simplicity and skillful execution.

The elegant piece can be enjoyed in combination with other dragonflies or as a one-off

computerteile upcycling art Dragonfly

Also the Golden flies – real gems are just as pretty. It was designed by the artist with delicate green wings.

You look almost as alive, isn’t it?

computerteile used fly upcycling ideas

Or do you rather prefer a ladybug?

computerteile upcycling insects art Ladybug

No matter which piece gets to your Favorites, you will not regret it, to get one. Look at all the great insects alone and let in a strange world of Upcycling. As a result, the artist would like to draw our attention to the harmful effects of electronic waste for the environment and animals and motivate us even more than responsible consumers.

A sweet, Blue Beetle

computerteile used blue beetle of upcycling ideas insects

Magical, colorful fly

computerteile used fly creative art upcycling

Fine craftsmanship and attention to detail

computerteile used colorful insect bug fly

The Blue Board dragonfly

computerteile used art of upcycling bubble

computerteile upcycling colorful insect Butterfly

computerteile upcycling yellow wing art insects computerteile upcycling beetle insects eco-friendly art

computerteile creative upcycling art insect Butterfly

computerteile upcycling art blue butterfly

computerteile upcycling Butterfly creative