Old Computer Parts To New Life Awakening

Editor   April 21, 2015   Comments Off on Old Computer Parts To New Life Awakening

computer parts art colorful insects

Used computer parts are unique insects

Every day, countless amounts of garbage on our beautiful planet are stored. Only a relatively small part of it will be recycled and reducing in this way the excessive pollution of the environment. There are also people who discover a beautiful track even in the ugly and harmful things and bring them in before. These are not only the environmental activists, but also the contemporary artists who produce original sculptures and useful items of waste. Very often have shown with plastic like we you already in some articles. Today we a finer art work introduce – the delicate insects from Julie Alice Chappell. The young British artist used old computer parts – circuit boards, wires and other electronic PC hardware parts for your creations. Perfect imitation of nature – beautiful colors and delicate body, wings and legs resulting in a remarkable way. Everything fits together perfectly.

Old computer parts to bring to new life

computer parts art Dragonfly colorful wing Board

Watch the unique butterflies, dragonflies, flies and beetles and try to discover the only computer parts. How do you find these sustainable art? As we have seen for the first time the original insect creations by Julie Chappell, we only thought that is a hope for the future of our world still is. Until there are such ideas and such will power, turning the coarse and the ugly in beauty and sophistication, we’re not lost. Humanity has kept always the deep quest for spiritual development and perfection in itself. We should do everything so that it persists and can develop.

Meanwhile, you can follow the works of art by Julie Chappell on Etsy . Maybe fall in love in one of those admirable creatures and order them online. Even just so, be a better world a bit closer. Stay active and never give up!

This blue butterflies look just like the real

computer parts art fine blue butterfly

Variety of colors and shapes

computer parts art butterflies dragonflies flies

Elegant fly with the Windows logo

computer parts art filigree Butterfly

Electronic mosquito with green wings

computer parts art green flies

Fine detail and remarkable hand skill

computer parts art insect Butterfly

Sustainable Butterfly ready for take-off

computer parts art colorful Butterfly

Cyber beetle blue

computer parts art beetle blue colourful

A strange collection of insects

computer parts art Dragonfly fly beetle

Imaginative art from PC hardware parts

computer parts art master Butterfly hardware

Filigree butterfly of special kind

computer parts art PC hardware Butterfly

Every little particle has its specific role

art computer parts PC PCB Green Butterfly

An original fly that even sympathetic looks

computer parts art Board fly

Ladybug Cyber-interpretation

computer parts art Butterfly

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