Old Porcelain And Ceramics – Masterful Creations Of Zahrani Peled

old porcelain art flower

Old porcelain and clay

Recently we have discovered these enchanting works of art of by young, innovative artist Zahir Peled. We were fascinated, as it has combined the delicacy and strength of nature in a remarkable way in every detail. What is actually spent than looks old porcelain, clay shards or better said in strips and pieces in various forms.

Nona Peled was born in Kibbutz in northern Israel, and grew up there as well. She has studied at the Academy of art and design-Bezalel in Jerusalem and later completed at the Royal College of art in England her master of arts. In recent years, their works not only national, but also at the international level have been recognized and admired. They were exhibited in some of the most famous museums and galleries as for example in Sotheby’s and Saatchi Gallery in London, in Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv and Orangery you Senate in Paris.

Beautiful dyed porcelain stripe flower

old porcelain long shards flower

The main motives for the artworks of the artist are taken from nature. It deals with as well as topics such as identity, memories and special places. The sculptures and installations consist of thousands of porcelain pieces, which were made by hand. The specific technique for the artistic work provides a texture that is at the same time tender and robust.

In some works, long, column-like ceramic figures look airy, delicate and fragile. In others, the actual fragments are geometric barbs, which take a fascinating forms and still give a feeling of softness.

Come along and discover the magic of porcelain!

Pleasant pastel colours in circles

old porcelain flower modern art

Porcelain flower of a special kind

old porcelain flower flowers broken

The flower in detail

porcelain flower detail

An outlandish Peony in blue and white

old porcelain flower Peony Blau Weiß

Ornate wall decoration made of baked clay

porcelain flower porcelain piece

Imaginative magic flower

old porcelain flower pieces

The fascination of the Sea World

old porcelain marine fauna coral

Stylized starfish

old porcelain sea finds waves

Masterful creation made of porcelain

old porcelain art flower

Smooth colors and valuable material

old porcelain shards modern art

An in-depth look

old porcelain vibrant colors

Perfectly combining shapes and shades

old porcelain flower porcelain shards flower

Simple tool – first class results

old porcelain breaking worker

The artist with their work process

old porcelain shards colors separating