Original Pendants And Earrings As Gifts In The Autumn

Give more pleasure with the matching pendant!

Yes, the fall has already officially announced his advance and although the summer in our thoughts and feelings is still quite present, we begin to feel the inevitable seasonal change on the cooler moisture in the air and the first bright autumn leaves in the Park. It must be but not necessarily the same nostalgic or dull – on the contrary. Each season, as well as any age has its own beautiful moments and small pleasures that a warm heart and make happy. So the autumn with beautiful colours – red, yellow and orange in all possible nuances brought us. The forest looks incredibly nice and tastefully decorated with pumpkins and chestnuts are the houses and gardens. Wonderful!

Autumn is also the time for more coziness and reflection. It is quiet and cozy evening at home. Many common festivals are coming up. Not think but please gift stress! You need not to have, because not costly, even small things can make a big pleasure your loved one. How about original handcrafted pieces of jewellery from DaWanda or Etsy? They can order online and thereby assured that you have made for unique gifts.

Pendant and earrings like real acorns

schmuckanhanger colorful glass green Acorn vintage jewelry earrings

For special gifts we have encountered in search of the beautiful pendants and earrings from Bullseyebeads on Etsy. These beautiful pieces of jewellery are currently in the form of an Acorn and are petite and sweet made of German and Italian soda lime glass. Here, the special “off mandrel” applied technology.

It is a special manner, to blow glass beads without mandrel. All jewelry pendants, earrings, and necklaces are guaranteed lead, cadmium and nickel free and suitable even for sensitive skin. The jewelry pieces are equipped with real Acorn hat that are sealed with special wax.

Handmade jewelry pieces for fall

schmuckanhanger Acorn handmade autumn recycled glass

Each order takes about two weeks and it is delivered around the world. Desire, the pendant or earrings in gift box will be packed up and rounded with personal dedication.

So, you look at everything alone and if you have inspired, you can visit the artist on Etsy.

Have fun browsing!

Original jewellery charms with vintage charm

schmuckanhanger colorful handmade glass Acorn

Poetic and appealing for the special flavor

schmuckanhanger hand made jewelry Acorn necklace

Glass, copper and natural materials – a healthy and elegant combination

schmuckanhanger-colorful glass Acorn necklace

You can determine the length of the necklace, as well as the look of the jewelry piece itself

schmuckanhanger colorful glass Acorn handmade jewelry halsanhanger

These earrings are very suitable as Valentine’s day gift

schmuckanhanger colorful glass earrings heart

Or do you prefer more like a pendant?

schmuckanhanger-colorful glass pink Acorn necklace

Find your Favorites and give your loved one more pleasure in the autumn!

schmuckanhanger abuntes glass blue Acorn handmade jewelry halsanhanger

schmuckanhanger colorful glass Acorn handmade schumck colorful glass

schmuckanhanger Acorn blue glass hansanhanger necklace

schmuckanhanger Acorn handmade jewelry glass

schmuckanhanger Acorn handmade jewelry kettenanhanger

schmuckanhanger recycled glass earrings oak hand made jewelry necklace

schmuckanhanger glass jewellery Acorn yellow handmade jewelry necklace

schmuckanhanger green glass halsanhanger hand made Acorn

schmuckanhanger Acorn hand made glass

schmuckanhanger autumn Acorn glass earrings

schmuckanhanger earrings jewelry colorful handmade glass Acorn

schmuckanhanger Acorn autumn jewelry colorful glass blue