Photo Art – Unique Blend Of Art And Science

photo art Red Rose Martin climate

Photo art by Martin climate

Today we present you a unique blend of art and science. Climate involves the magical photo art by Martin. The German photographer has his studio in Düsseldorf, but he has organized numerous exhibitions in other countries. His work is based on physical experiments. He starts a new project when he leafed through old scientific journals or books. His Photo Studio is not common, but reminds us more of a laboratory. Usually, photographers looking for an object that fascinates her and then they take it up. In climate, everything is different. His photos show the viewer something that may otherwise never see the eye. He has splintered the dynamics of a fast process in seconds and is thus managed to create a new world to him. Kulisek wonderful, exploding flowers, broken vases, dancing colors and fine ceramics, which was recorded in pieces.

Exploding flower

photo art floral art roses

For his photo series exploding flowers, he has first immersed in particular rose in liquid nitrogen and then shot with air force. The shooting is the essence of the photographic art by Martin climate. He does not allow only explode the roses, but he shoots on ceramic figures on a concrete Board or on vases and other objects such as cabbage or corn on the cob. Only a tenth of the second is necessary, so are the whimsical creations that no one can see with the naked eye. The photographer repeatedly on new surprises us with the perfect technology and lighting, the scientific expertise and his unlimited imagination. For his dancing colors, he again used a scientific method with vibration in a Plexiglas box. Everything is perfectly prepared, everything must be. From the many photos he selects the best then and the new exhibition is prepared. His photo art photographer, tried to show things and explain, that would otherwise be to understand in any way.

This unique art by Martin has a clear relationship to the work of other artists, such as for example of the trailblazer Eadweard Muybridge climate or she can be counted also to other iconic photographers such as these by Hipgnosis Studio. Look at this strange photos and feel the unique effect that they have on the Viewer.

Colourful poetry

photo art colorful flower exploding

Dancing colors

photo art color smorgasbord Martin climate

Fragmented rose

photo art colorful Rose Martin climate

A tenth of the second

photo art exploding Rose Kunst

Variation in purple

photo art colours explosion rose

Vibration in colors

photo art colorful drop colors

Yellow roses

photo art yellow rose Exlplodierend

Neon colors in motion

photo art yellow green magic

Perfection and fragility

photo art porcelain figurine bullets

Asian martial arts

photo art Martin climate fight

Purple Orchid and shot vase

photo art shot vase Orchid

Fragmented ceramic figurines

photo art bullets porcelain

Expodierender cabbage

photo art Kohl shot

Ephemeral beauty

photo art Purple Rose exploding

Wounded corn on the COB

photo art corn on the cob bullets

At the exhibition

photo art Martin climate photo exhibition

The preparation in the laboratory

photo art worker Martin climate

Perfect technology and appropriate lighting

photo art technical devices Martin climate