Plastic Art And Home Accessories From Straws

plastic art straws creative decoration

Eco-friendly trade art and original crafts with plastic

The rapidly growing consumption and the enormous waste mountains on our planet are already very clear and convincing reasons that should move us to a sustainable action. These include numerous rezyklierende procedures as well as different ways to use used items again. We have outlined some of them often. The sustainable reuse has refined even so, that creates real art from old stuff. Similar is the case with the plastic arts. From the material, which is one of the most durable polluters on the planet, are original works of art, useful home accessories, wall and table decorations, and more. The straws made of plastic are especially suitable for this purpose. You are usually in bright colors, either plain or decorated in stripes or zigzag patterns. For this reason you can tinker very creatively and let the imagination run wild.

Original table decoration made of straws

plastic art straws colorful table decorations

What do you think of a fancy decoration with straws? Below, you see different examples of creative ideas how you can decorate the home, the Office or other rooms. The proposals are many, and the technique is easy to convert. Usually, straws made of polypropylene or Polyaramids are made from the plastic. For this reason, these are very well suited to the Recycle. Here you can see some ideas for the production of chandeliers, pendant lights, lamp shades for table lamps, wreaths, wall decoration, gigantischee font, etc.

Plastic art in metal color

plastic art straws modern bridge

In the case of the table lamp they broke enough straws, a cone made of glass or plastic craft glue and scissors (the form can be of course arbitrary). Cut the straws into 1cm pieces and glue them close together on the cone. You can customize even the base and the base of plastic plates in different colors. Similarly, you can proceed with the wreath. Get a ring from the craft store. Regardless of whether he is from cardboard, plastic or any other material. Is remove the moving parts of the straws and glue them to the ring, as shown below. So, you will achieve a great form of Sun. The same is true for the wall decoration and the wall mirror from our collection. It is really quite simple and it is also fun. Try it out and do something for the contaminated environment. Don’t forget – think globally and act locally!

How you can weave baskets from straws itself

plastic art straws storage baskets

Sustainable lighting

plastic art straws lighting

Huge font from straws in detail

plastic art straws colorful decoration

DIY table lamp with original design

plastic art straws colorful lamp

Stylish necklace in delicate nuances

plastic art straws DIY necklace

Mural Guide

plastic art straws DIY wreath

Modern art – three dimensional portrait

plastic art straws three-dimensional portrait

Colorful, creative Salad Bowl

plastic art glass bowl straws

Hanging decoration of cut straws

plastic art straws hanging decoration

Striking chandelier

plastic art straws hanging lamp

Minimalist chandelier white straws

plastic art straws chandelier white

Table lamp with striped lamp shade

sustainable art straws lamp shade stained

Modern LED lighting

plastic art straws led lights

Suspension lamp made of straws with metal gloss

plastic art straws metal luster chandelier

Purist chandelier

sustainable art straws of modern chandelier

In this way you can make also free-standing luminaires

plastic art straws sustainable night light

Eco-friendliness is also in the little things

sustainable art straws night light

Original, round chandelier

plastic art straws of round chandelier

Surprise your loved ones with a beautiful door wreath for Valentine’s day

plastic art straws wreath red heart

Wall decoration in the form of the Sun

sustainable art straws wall decoration

Round wall mirror with Chevron pattern

plastic art straws wall mirror black white

Stylish pendant light from white straws

sustainable art straws white chandelier

Wind chime in colorful, fresh colors

plastic art straws wind chime

Beautify your environment creative and sustainable

plastic art straws of accessories

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