Porcelain Figurines – Fairy-like Creatures Of One Ukrainian Designer Duo

Editor   December 11, 2014   Comments Off on Porcelain Figurines – Fairy-like Creatures Of One Ukrainian Designer Duo

porcelain figurines dinosaur colorful fish gold

Porcelain figurines

Today we present you the whimsical creations of two Ukrainian artists – Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev. The porcelain figurines are imaginative and ornate filigree with a wide range of colors. The two artists are actually not specialized in ceramics. Slava Leontyev is graphic designer and Anya is a teacher in painting. Therefore, the works of the two are still admirable, because most of them are up 40 cm 4.

The Ukrainians have chosen porcelain not only for economic reasons as material, but also for practical reasons. The material can be easily and quickly. The artists are very modest and refer to their creations as anything special, because they are not professional ceramist.

We leave the decision to you. Look at this fabulous porcelain figurines. Have you seen something so fascinating?

Porcelain figures – bizarre and unique

porcelain figurines dinosaur legs Horn

Two whimsical Dinos

porcelain figurines dinosaur ceramic figures

A strange flying trio

porcelain figures three flies

Lizard of special kind

porcelain figures lizard dinosaur

Fabulous creatures in purple and gold

porcelain figures lizard gold Lial

Artful OWL

porcelain figures OWL stained Oragne Blau

Cute little OWL in black, white and gold

porcelain figures OWL black white gold

Painted filigree, and with much patience

porcelain figurines decorated filigree

Ichthyosaurs with Golden spikes

porcelain figures fish Golden skewers

Tiny porcelain fly

porcelain figures fly proboscis

Toad leaves patterns

porcelain figurines frog yellow green

Three friendly frogs

porcelain figures small toads black white gold

Fish with legs

porcelain figurines fairy fish legs

Brightly painted mouse

porcelain figures mouse giraffe

Original turtle

porcelain figurines colourfully painted turtle

A whimsical little creation in Orange

porcelain figurines bizarre animal

Zodiac sign Capricorn

porcelain figurines zodiac sign Capricorn

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