Professional Pictures Of Disney Princesses To Admire

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Disney Princesses Ariel Indian interpretation, Filmfituren collage

New interpretation of Disney Princesses

If beautiful Disney Princesses connect with stunning Indian flair, is just something magical like these pictures here. Have you seen as a fanciful interpretation of popular film characters? No? We also do not. This inventive idea belongs to the professional photographer from Vancouver, BC Amrit Grewal. When he was hired for Wellgroomed, an Indian bridal shop, making a photo shoot, also this magnificent impressions have been created. It should be only an advertising campaign for the South Asian bride magazine, but beautiful pieces of art were born.

In this concept of the project of universal decor & Wellgroomed also simultaneously shows how Disney motifs integrate themselves in other cultures. Was the beginning of the project in may 2014 and it took a few months, until the whole thing is completed. The author even admits that the biggest challenge was taking of Ariel, because this image needed additional special rework.

The cute, little Ariel times differently

Disney Princesses Ariel Indian interpretation

Every single image is just as successful and glamorous. The most popular Disney Princesses appear before our eyes in a distinctive, Oriental splendor. Vibrant colours, valuable fabrics and shiny jewelry will take us in a dreamlike world where reality and imagination into each other in a magical way tangle. Here we meet the Aurora, which again awake after their 100-sleep and is amazingly beautiful, the lovely Belle from the movie “Beauty and the beast”, proudly sitting at the table in a rich, yellow dress, as well as the beautiful Cinderella in an enchanting gown, the staircase leading down, with shoes in hand.

Sleeping beauty in its entire beauty

Disney Princess Aurora sleeping beauty

You will impress other Disney Princesses in any case with the elegance and Majesty and win your heart. Join and immerse in this wonderful world of fairy tales. Let you work this masterful photographs and free your inner child at least for a few minutes right now!

Beauty is waiting for her beast Prince

Disney Princesses Belle Princess

It is shortly before noon

Disney Princesses Ciderella Cinderella

The proud Princess Jasmine will enchant on the new Aladdin

Disney Princesses Jasmine Indian

Bravery and femininity are combined in the image of Mulan

Disney Princess Mulan Indian

The smitten Pocahontas exudes even more dedication

Disney Princess Pocahontas

The beautiful Rapunzel is definitely not to be confused

Disney Princess Rapunzel long hair Indian

And the snow remains the “most beautiful in the whole country” for ever and ever

Disney Princesses snow white Indian

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