Recycling Art – The Old Skateboard Is To The Guitar

Editor   December 23, 2014   Comments Off on Recycling Art – The Old Skateboard Is To The Guitar

recycling art guitars

Recycling art – offbeat guitar from skateboards

Recycling is art for a long time in and we have often been written many interesting ideas and creations that used items to give a second chance. Today it’s about guitars, which are made out of skateboards.  Ezequiel Galasso collects and converts old or damaged skateboards for years. He has many different guitars manufactured, each with a specific design. The craftsman shows his attention to detail, and as you can see it yourself, handles and strings are perfectly adapted. The guitars look not only exclusive and original, perfectly suited to play and will satisfy every lover of guitar.

Look at all the models and admire this unique idea and its implementation.

Guitar with dice

recycling art guitar

Cool shape and fresh colours

recycling type guitar stained Skate guitar

Perfectly adapted to handle and strings

recycling type guitar detail

A Skate guitar in blue tones

recycling type guitar Dunkleblau skateboard

The guitar chords are available already

recycling type guitar handles

A guitar in pink and turquoise

recycling type guitar pink

The first steps are already done

recycling art guitar skateboard

Guitars perfection

recycling art skateboard guitar

The work process

recycling art guitar skateboards

Skate guitar in black and white

recycling art guitar skateboard white

Ready to play

recycling art guitar playing

Skate guitar in turquoise

recycling art guitar turquoise

Skate-guitars on the wall

recycling type guitar wall skateboard

Cool and elegant

recycling art skateboard guitar

Skate-guitar cover

recycling art Skate guitar

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