Recycling Crafts – Sustainable Art From Old Coins And Keys

recycling craft creative bottle glasses

Original ideas for creative recycling craft

You know already some of our posts about sustainable consumption and Upcycling, don’t you? Where we give you practical and clever ideas on how you can bring used items to new life. Today, it involves creative recycling tinkering with useless keys and coins. Michael or Moerkey from Australia, we have found in Etsy , is a sustainably-minded artist who makes cool sculptures and living articles mainly from coins and keys. Some of his finest works are the glass of wine, the bottle, the lantern and the body sculpture.

This clever idea occurred randomly him, as he has cleaned up his basement. There he found a lot of old keys, copper wire, and coins. The first creations were spheres made of copper. After he has been but safe in the technology, he started with the other more complicated work. Currently, he has already a diverse collection of sculptures and living articles, it offers at Etsy. Simply look and choose your favorite pieces.

A unique, sustainable wine glass

recycling craft old Bowl metal glass

The wine glass is made of 20 old bowls and copper wire. A real wine glass was used as a model – 19 cm high, 9 cm in diameter and a weight of 280 g. The handle is made of twisted copper wire. The whole thing was coated with transparent glaze and has a subtle sheen. You can convert the glass to the light wind by putting a tea light in there. So are also very romantic shade.

The wine bottle fits perfectly to the glass

recycling craft Wohartikel old coins key

Metal body sculpture

recycling craft old key sculpture body

It’s a real work of art, you can proudly attach to your wall. The artist has used over 400 old key for making and soldered them to silver. The sculpture was finely polished. The total weight is about 3 kg, 75 cm high, 38 cm wide at the shoulders and 12 cm deep chest. It is for indoor as well as outdoor suitable because it was edited with a special UV Polish.

Original fruit bowl of keys

recycling craft old Bowl fruit bowl

Hanging lamp with tea light

recycling craft pendant old Bowl

Get a new value the old coins

recycling craft ball old coins

Soccer ball sculpture

recycling craft art old key soccer ball

Upcycling of old bottle caps

recycling craft art ball old bottle cap

Refined design of coins

recycling craft Bowl old coins

Magic sphere of keys

recycling craft sphere old key

Romantic candle

recycling craft Lantern ball old key