Romantic Art: Characteristics And Works By Caspar David Friedrich

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romantic epoch and romantic art features Caspar David Friedrich

The era of romanticism in art

The romance of art is probably one of the most extensive styles in art history. He is on no nation, limited to no country. This is an interesting fact, though the romance has to do very much with nationalism. However, the characteristics of romantic art in many countries are similar. The style comes in around the year 1800 in Europe. From there, the romance epoch had strong representation in America.

Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840) – the most famous German painter of the romantic era

Georg Friedrich Kersting: Caspar David Friedrich in his Studio, 1811

romantic epoch and romantic art painter

There are two main discourses of romanticism. On the one hand, it’s about the idealized representation of the characteristics, which hold together the various European Nations. In a perfect form is the nature, the hero of the story and certain personalities and events.On the other hand, this is a style that very much brings the individual human emotions in the Centre of the representations. But here too, one observes a certain idealization because it is raised instead of strong inner values mainly around the.

Portrait of Caspar David Friedrich, Gerhard von Kügelgen 1810-1820

era romanticism of Caspar David Friedrich art portrait

The historical context of the romantic art

It’s a movement that had opposed rationalism in the philosophy and the perception of history. Still, the romance was heavily influenced by the French Revolution and its philosophy.

Romantic art: Of the Wanderer above the sea of fog

era romantic art of Caspar David Friedrich

The romance provides emotions about the thoughts and the reality. Within the romantic painting, one can observe no own aesthetics. On the one hand, it is because that the painter have delineated themselves in this regard from the classical schools. Furthermore, that not the picturesque design, but the context the most coined the style.

Woman in front of the Sun

romance era romanticism of Caspar David Friedrich art

You can see a kind of individualism, which is however not the natural. This above all the quest is to the heroic removed, stressed, developed. Only these interested in the artist. Can the particularly heroic representation of a battle with many martyrs or of a great victory. In both cases, persons are extraterrestrial heroic and reach the highest level in terms of morality. To get this many patterns that come from ancient times are used.

Woman at the window

era romantic art of Caspar David Friedrich woman at the window

Propaganda of ideas

By their nature, the romantic art wonderfully served as strong propaganda that had specific ideas to enforce often political. The ideas were at the same time perfect, romantic, and very emotional.

The Mer de Glace, 1823-1824

era romanticism of Caspar David Friedrich art

Romantic art characteristics

Less are to call the art technical characteristics as typical, and more the values that are mediated by the images. Typical subjects in romantic art are those which represent beautiful nature, historical events and personalities in a very heroic manner.

The Watzmann, 1824-1825

romance art summer Caspar David Friedrich

The summer, 1807

romantic epoch and romantic art summer Caspar David Friedrich

The shapes and colours are somehow free and at the same time very clearly to identify.

The romance of art was very strongly represented in many countries, the French and the Spanish works are still world’s most famous. This style of great importance was also in Germany.

Cemetery entrance, unfinished, around 1825

romance art painting of Caspar David Friedrich

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