Salvador Dali Works – Diving Into The World Of Fantasy One!

A magical journey through the colorful world of fantasy

“At the age of 6 years I’ve dreamed of, to be a Cook; I wanted to be like Napoleon a year later. Since then, my ambitions and my megalomania were getting bigger. Today I want to just be Salvador Dalí, I have no greater desire than this.” Dalí special curiosity on the new and his burning passion for the painting is reflected even in his earliest works. As one of the greatest painters and graphic artists of all time it was slightly pretty him quickly to provoke the interest of all other sculptors and art researchers with innovative ideas, new forms and combinations. Even the ugly seems in his paintings an aesthetic pleasure for the eyes. the images in his imagination are enveloped by a mysterious secret, the shapes on the canvas render his emotional maturity, self-confidence and extravagance.

Salvador Dali works – you need nothing more, if you have a great love!

salvador Dalí works gala

The greatest love of his life, during his stay in Paris, met Dali. Gala was the pure embodiment of his dreams and fantasies, his deepest desires. The mysterious until this moment female figures in his pictures took shape already. Gala and Dalí spent all their time together – she accompanied him everywhere, protected him, admired his work and gave him the inspiration for his masterpieces.

She was his muse, which had secured him the necessary mental and emotional balance. This burning, healing, inspiring, and indestructible love gave him the impulse and inner drive, to create some of the most famous and beautiful paintings of the world. In Galas the material and the spiritual, the heavenly and earthly, the mysterious and already known, the infinity and mortality, the unwavering and the fragile interweave form.

Salvador Dali works – the masterpiece of the great artist and his messages

sakvador Dalí resistance works memory

The most famous work by Dali “The persistence of memory” bears the characteristic of surrealism and is today in the Museum of modern art to see in New York. The painter himself referred to the painting as a photograph of his dream, which should represent the surrounding world in an unconventional manner. The soft watches symbolize the transience and should be understood as a metaphor for the infinite flowing and irretrievably elapsing time. The ants stand for the death and decay, while the olive tree illustrates the wisdom of ancient but already dried out. The sea covers the Unednlichkeit and immortality, here the time is different – after the internal clock and gear of the traveller.

Dali – the exhibition at Potsdamer Platz

salvador Dalí works berlin

In the heart of the German capital, you will discover a unique exhibition of the ingenious artist, which since 2009 as a crowd-puller and attracts every year thousands of visitors. Here over 2,000 works private collections from around the world – drawings, lithographs, etchings, woodcuts, illustrated books, and much more is waiting for you! In addition, you have the opportunity to learn more about the exciting and thrilling life of the Spanish painter of first-hand, close to the world of his imagination and to leave your worries behind for a moment. The paintings move the transience of life in the foreground, her messages touch the deepest of human soul and lead the viewer simply tear from everyday thoughts, to immerse yourself in a world full of magic. The rousing works go beyond the common, expressing a whole inner worlds and offer you a whole new Outlook!

Salvador Dali and his extravagant art

salvador Dalí works painter

Salvador Dali works – Dali illustrations of Don Quichot

salvador of Dalí don quhott

salvador Dalí works don Quixote

Salvador Dali works the painting the elephant is today privately owned

salvador dali works elephanten

Gala – Dalí muse and the greatest love of his life

salvador dali works gala painting

Salvador Dali works – face of Mae West

Mae West was an American actress and screenwriter in the 30-IES, which at that time was considered the epitome of the Femme fatale

salvador dali works face

Dalí’s Theatre Museum in Figueres (in the vicinity of Barselona) with its eccentric architecture

salvador dali works museum

The painting Face of Mae West the face is from the woman as a room

In the Dalí’s Theatre Museum you put these surrealist idea

dali museum Spain

dali museum works

The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida

salvador dali florida

salvador Dalí museum florida