Sculptures From Scrap Metal – Unique Creations To Admire

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scrap metal giraffe sculpture

Scrap metal brought to new life

Look at these unique creatures. Is it not amazing that you all are created from scrap metal? Here we have collected nine incredibly original animals from metal parts for you. The author comes from Lithuania and is called Tessa Nikopol Memorial. He created fish, birds and other fairy-tale characters with much imagination and creativity. As the material he has used old cutlery, computer hardware, parts of musical instruments and even garden tools. So, he has given a second chance to the scrap metal and turned it into unique sculptures. Each individual character has its distinctive character. Well, if you look the sculptures, you can see the metal parts. It is hard to believe that someone could be so imaginative. In all works of art is a certain dynamic. Are in motion, even though they are old metal! As an art can certainly leave anyone. This provides for admiration and convinces with uniqueness. How do these works of art on you? Can you feel also the same like us?

Puffer fish from scrap metal

picture fish scrap metal

Little fish swimming

scrap metal image Puffer

A predator on the move

scrap metal image predator

The flight of a golden bird

old metal picture bird

A funny Dragon

old metal dinosaur watch

A bouncing ass

old metal ass picture

Fish sculpture in blue water

old metal fish image

A more aggressive goat

scrap metal sculpture Bock

A flying Kakadu

scrap metal bird image

We have found a lot when researching on the Internet.

An oversized Ant with red eyes

old metal Ant sculpture

Nice little robot

old metal screen robot

The elephant is strong

old metal elephant sculpture

Tiny fairy

old metal fairy Butterfly

Delicate bird

old metal filigree bird sculpture

A proud Vulture

old metal Vulture sculpture

Filigree dragonfly

old metal Dragonfly sculpture

Majestic red deer

old metal deer sculpture

A scarier dragon from chains

old metal sculpture Dragon chain

Scary animals

old metal sculptures creatures

Duck with headlights

old metal sculpture duck

Sweet poodle from chains

old metal dog sculpture

A horse sculpture in real size

scrap metal sculpture horse

Scary centipede

old metal centipede sculpture

A curious spinning duo with light bulbs

old metal two spider sculptures

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