Stone Sculptures – Humorous And Unique By Hirotoshi Ito

Editor   December 22, 2014   Comments Off on Stone Sculptures – Humorous And Unique By Hirotoshi Ito

stone sculptures round teeth

Stone sculptures

These unique stone sculptures by Hirotoshi Ito didn’t look as alive? The Japanese produced these strange creatures in his spare time, when he’s not working in the masonry of his family. He graduated from the National Art Academy in Tokyo in 1982 and since then, stones are his passion. In his hands the hard stones are very soft–at least you can get this illusion gets.

They have teeth, they can laugh or see, they get the shape of a purse or a tin can. Some of the stone sculptures look like sewn and therefore also as if they are made of fabric. The artist uses mechanical parts and small figures other than teeth, coins and beads to create his imaginative sculptures. At one time you forget that here is stones. Hirotoschi Ito usually collects the stones on the River near his house and with much humor, she transforms into stone sculptures with soul. Enjoy its art and attention to detail!

There’s someone looking out

stone sculptures eye zip

Soft ball with thread sewn

sewn stone sculpture ball

T-Shirt with zipper

stone sculptures blouse zipper

As a real wallet

stone sculptures purse

A small purse full of coins

stone sculptures coin purse

A tin can full of gold pieces

stone sculptures gold stones

A strange construction site

stone sculptures working mechanical parts

A mini-viewpoint

stone sculptures small stone figures

Creepy mouth with sharp teeth

stone sculptures mouth tongue

Zipper and metal parts

stone sculptures of mechanical parts

A strange stone face

stone sculptures mouth stone teeth

Tray with zipper full shell

stone sculptures shell Bowl

Open purse and shells

stone sculptures zip shell

Lock and key

stone sculptures Castle key

Metal beads

stone sculptures mirror beads

Stitched sea finds of metal in the rock

stone sculptures stone full metal shells

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