Street Art Artists VJ BB´s Duo Suave Animate Passers-by In Rio

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Streetart artists VJ suave NAME title

Moving pictures on the façades of the houses throw Streetart artists team VJ suave

The whole world can become a gigantic screen, if the Brazilian duo wants VJ suave. Ygor Marotta and CECI Soloaga are two street art artists, who can confront alone not satisfied with spray. The two Street live in Sao Paolo artist can blend interactive technologies with graffiti. For the purpose, they use two loads bicycles with fixed Videobeamern, laptop and power supply. When the day is over and breaks the night, approaching the moment of VJ BB´s suave.

Ygor and CECI are already known for their performances in Europe and Russia

Streetart artists VJ suave Portait

With their bicycles, they generate electricity for the video projector and the laptop

Streetart artists VJ suave in work

Live drawings combine them with interactive techniques

A part of the project be passers-by let their real animations

Streetart artists VJ suave guitar

A self portrait of the two in Rio

Streetart artists VJ suave live

Whose work is positively charged and mediated indirect messages

With simple tricycles, they ride through Rio de Janeiro and turn night to day. For a good entertainment, animated figures on the façades of the houses they throw their bikes and thus revive the dark and dangerous streets of Rio. Their zeal speaks around up to the shores of our continent also. Live performances there were already in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and also in Russia.

The topics of performance are precisely considering for each venue and elected

Streetart artists VJ suave guerrilla mapping

The joy of the children on the street also motivates the work of artists

Streetart artists VJ suave Beamer cat

The sociocritical element is the fundamental core of all street art artists

Streetart artists VJ suave live painting

VJ team suave describe their work as “digital graffiti”. You use mainly the program of day tool, which is possible in real time editing and playing the quirky animations.

Ygor and CECI, honestly to say that’s a projection in a new venue is not very easy, because the characters should be given very precise and well for any new cultural peculiarity. The artists draw and animate them on site, making the task more difficult and the experience unique.

VJ suave entertain and provoke at the same time

Streetart artists VJ suave work

The work of VJ BB´s is called “digital graffiti”

Streetart artists VJ suave cat

The artists themselves call the audiovisual installations

Streetart artists VJ suave interactive

Artistic City Centre journeys by VJ team suave in the Switzerland and Germany were

The pair, who is responsible for the audiovisual installations, developed an environmentally friendly way of power supply. Namely, the secret lies in the bicycles, which they produce enough electricity to illuminate whole House façades.  Let the audience part of an artistic performance will be by video projection and is a new relationship to the rebuild too often seen streets. The joy of the children is particularly moving for the multimedia team, which the new project of the duo dedicated “Digital folklore” – there can admire the spectator magic forests, unicorns and many more digital wizardry.

The Brazilian duo produces and plays live visuals

Streetart artists VJ suave anime

You use it the program day tool, laptop and two video beamer

Streetart artists VJ suave Beamer

Cleverly applied guerrilla mapping optimizes the effect and the experience

Cheerful colors and nostalgic characters – the handwriting of street art VJs

Streetart artists VJ suave with love

The passers-by are animated to the thinking and join

Two young do-gooders in action

Streetart artists VJ suave mapping

The new audiovisual installation”digital folklore, which is targeted at children

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