Super Hero + Flemish Painting = Superflämisch

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Be a super hero through the lens of Sacha Goldberger

Have you thought about, how it would be because if Superman was born in the 16th century? Or how the Incredible Hulk in the role of Duke would look like? It would be also an interesting idea as the large van Eyck could bring such a portrait of snow white concluded.

The photographer Sacha Goldberger returns to his childhood home, to draw inspiration and combines the carrier of the American culture of cartoon characters with styles of Flemish art school. It is a kind of provocation of the French photographer of who equates the cartoon characters of superheroes in a series with the timeless Flemish painting.

Superflämisch is the well-known photo series of the French artist

super hero Ironman

It combines Flemish painting and comic figures

superhero cat woman

The heroes are depicted differently, as we otherwise know it

superhero X man

The counterpoints of light and shadow are used to the level of nobility and the fragility in the power of all times to illustrate.

Goldberger invites sent us to relive our childhood heroes in an unknown light. These characters can now show their humanity. They also may be tired of constantly having to save the world from their predetermined immortality or just the fact that it will get stuck for eternity in their characters…

A superhero often lives his life cloaked in anonymity.

Apparently comic or fairy tale character takes time to rest every super hero

superhero Colage 3

Through these portraits, we recognize an undiscovered melancholy in characters that are created to be invincible.

These portraits of the photographer offers the chance to “fix their denied Narzissismus” the hero

The art of Sacha Goldberg is very extensive and expensive. It creates a brilliant manner our favorite comic – placed figures in their timelessness.

The arms, the neck, which is about face relaxed, as in the classic Studio Photography

superhero of the incredible Captain America

Even Superman is thoughtful and holding hands together as a sign of reticence

super hero Superman

One could never imagine that the Incredible Hulk can be angry

super hero of the Incredible Hulk

or the biggest enemy of Batman knows such a serenity

super hero the Black Knight

“While science fiction is true art history, an insatiable passion meets the time according to mythology that lies within each of us”

One thing should be noted, is necessarily: the photo series is no Photoshop result: over 100 people participated in the project, including 5 costume designer, 7 makeup artist and 5 stylists. The Super Flemish photo series was exhibited several times.

Sacha Goldberger creates an excellent photographic work

super hero Batman and Robin

All portraits radiate tranquillity and thus invariably bear the signature of the photographer

super hero Colage

The Black Knight in full cast

superhero Colage Wei

There is no trace of the villain on this portrait

superhero Darth Vader

Besides cartoon characters adds Goldberger also iconic film and fairy tale characters

superhero Lea Luce Skywalker

Who would have thought that C-3 PO is a such honor

superhero R2D2

His companion R2D2 is here also

superhero of starwars