The Mercedes Surfboard Made Entirely From Cork

the Mercedes surfboard Black Yellow

Surfboard from Portuguese Cork

The Mercedes-Benz Studio has delivered the other day his new surfboard the surfer Garrett Mcnamara, which is completely made of Portuguese Cork. In collaboration with the corticeira amorim company designed, the surfboard designed in Nazaré, Portugal to be used. In 2013, this project was initiated by Mercedes-Benz Studio and BBDO Portugal brought it into compliance and we’re on the water. Created entirely from Portuguese Cork, one usually used for bottle stoppers, the surfboard is made.

The Mercedes surfboard

the Mercedes surfboard designer

According to Garrett Mcnamara “since Portugal the biggest producer of Cork in the world, it makes sense, to produce boards with high performance”. McNamara has set a record, he has ridden the biggest wave so far. He has used the Mercedes surfboard 2013 during the violent storm to ride massive waves in Nazaré.

Artwork and surfboard from Mercedes-Benz

the Mercedes Portuguese surfboard ideas

Manufacturing process

Mercedes surfboard design

Handcrafted pieces

the complete Mercedes surfboard from Cork