The Paper Cut As Modern Art Inspired By Nature

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silhouette tree stump Hedgehog

You are versed in terms of silhouette?

Today, we have a successful 3 in 1 combination for you. Ancient Chinese art form, latest digital technology and nature come together in a project is developed constantly. The artist Nikolai Tolstyh photographed silhouette animal templates on a beautiful background. In this case, the scenery serves not only as an inspiration, but also as optical content of his paintings. Green Moss, freshly fallen autumn leaves, colorful flowers, weathered tree stumpfe or tender grass – everything is suitable. You need to have only the right eye for it.

A cute Fox in antique gold

paper cut fall leaves Fox

How is but the silhouette come to us? This ancient art comes from northern China and is considered one of the oldest folk arts in this region. For the first time was mentioned in the paper cutting in the 6th century and has grown during the song and Tang dynasty further. In the 9th century, the paper cutting in West Asia and in the 16th century in the Ottoman Empire was known and very popular. Only in the 17th century, this art form also was brought to Europe. In Germany, the silhouette was however much later popular mainly in the 19th century in the culture of Goethe’s time.

The proud stag is ready for the rut

silhouette nature deer Moss

There are two ways for the silhouette. Either it cuts a ungefaltetes sheet (classic silhouette) or a folded piece of paper. In the second case is the so-called folding cutting technique, with which you can get one or multiple axial symmetrical image.

Nikolai Tolstyh established here the first technology of cutting. He has but successfully built up thanks to his imagination and fascination with nature, and achieved a remarkable depth in his paper animals. He plays not only with the colors, but also with the relief and the emotions that are brought into the spectator. In this way, the artist gives more life and uniqueness of his paper animals. So the butterfly of the ornamental cabbage gets fabulous purple and green stripes, the small lizard is decorated with cheerful shades of Marigold and the graceful Flamingo radiates with beautiful purple flowers.

Magnificent autumn impression with butterfly

silhouette autumn flower ornamental cabbage butterfly

Enough said. Just look at these wonderful pictures and convince yourself. Enjoy the wonder!

Who would have thought that?

silhouette yellow orange marigolds lizard

Petite and elegant in purple

cutout template Flamingo purple flowers

Earthy and humble from grass and leaves

paper cutting grass leaves rat template

The power lies in silence

paper cutting grass field nature bear

A less exotic car is born

silhouette purple flowers bird Hummingbird

What’s actually a tree stump with a duckling to do?

silhouette Volage stump duck

A cute squirrel in autumn

cutout template squirrel red autumn leaves

Marigolds like giraffes?

cutout template giraffe marigolds

Tender, wafer-thin like the wings of a Dragonfly

cutout template Dragonfly field flowers white flowers

Fast and purposeful as the PUMA

cutout template PUMA fern

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