The Staged Photography Of Chris Burkard

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staged photography Chris Burkard photographer photos

Chris Burkard – art in the form of photography

If we represent photographers, we try to pair an interesting topic with a distinctive face. Not always works well, but when Chris Burkard , this possibility arises. More precisely, it is today to his talent and also to the staged photography.

During sunset, you can make great photos

breathtaking photo surfer Chris Burkad

Here we challenge you with this provocative thesis: commercial staged photography is no less the right to be called art. Actually, evidence is often found in art history. But leave to do so at the Chris Burkard more concrete us arguments and find.

Water and ice

staged photography Chris Burkard sea ice

Surfer on a wave

staged photography surfers sea

Cold hands and hot camera

Actually the staged photography is focused on a very specific topic of Chris Burkard. Takes on surfer. These tasks is difficult enough in itself. But that seems to be not enough challenging the Chris. He photographed surfer in the cold Arctic waters.

A photo as artwork

Fotografer Chris Burkard surfer photos ice water

Photographing surfers in cold water

Chris Burkard photography great art ice surfer

Famous and young

This choice of topic for the staged photography of Chris Burkard appears to have paid off but. Because he was very famous with 28 through his art. While he had all the favorable conditions for it in his life. He grew up as a mountaineer.  The image which combines nature and brave people in an elaborate scenario, he was always at the heart. So he took her in his fascinating, diverse images. That’s why he deals since he is 20, with digital photography.

Surfing at sunset

Chris Burkard photography surfer sunset water

The numerical technologies and the photography of the Chris Burkard

Most people would automatically assume that the young author created his images only with digital technology. But this is not the truth. He takes in his first years on films. He still remembers the brand – EKTACHROME and Fujifilm Velvia. He decided then to digital technology, because lost far too many shots from the ocean.

Photos and surfing go hand in hand

Chris Burkard is not only a photographer, but also a surfer. He grew up in Central California and photographing on the coast emerged as quite natural.

Just the love of nature has motivated him to dedicate the staged photography

Chris Burkard photographer photo water clouds

So he could save more easily something to travel more and to enjoy his favorite sport.

The affinity for landscape photography gave him later very many ideas for the great contexts in which he has portrayed the surfers all over the world

Chris Burkard photography art lifestyle

He says the choice to depict surfers from the Northern, Scandinavian countries, Alaska, Iceland and Russia, again trying to find his own niche. Continue to the fact it attracted, that in this matter a lot more trouble than if you do it in the South. That loves Chris Burkard.

Recognize the magnificence of nature

staged photography cold water surfers photography

What kind of a background

Chris Burkard photography art surfer photography

Water and stones

staged photography surfer photography Chris Burkard

Create art by photographing

Chris Burkard photography surfer photos

A nice photo of staged photography

Chris Burkard staged photography surfers sea

What for suffering behind his stage photography

Beautiful images, which arise from, cost the photographers and athletes very much. The whole thing is pictured at the temperature of freezing in the water close. On the beach, it is even worse. There is also the super strong wind. But these are the risks of the chosen profession!

Simply fascinating!

surfer photography Chris Burkard photography

Photographed in the water

water surfer photo Chris Burkard photography

Enjoy the moment

Chris Burkard staged photography water surfer photography

Beautiful effect

staged photography photographer Chris Burkard surfer

Masterfully photographed

staged photography Chris Burkard surfer sea photos

Impressive photo

staged photography photos Chris Burkard

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