Used Motorcycle Parts Recycling – Beautiful Steampunk Sculptures

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motorcycle parts recycling sculptures pigeon steampunk

Steampunk designs as decorative items for the home

Seriously masterful employment is refined works of art made of metal or steel to make! The Russian artist Igor Verniy has transformed used motorcycle parts in elegantly articulated animal sculptures. Their moving parts to give them vibrant appearance.

Used motorcycle parts

used parts recycling sculptures peace dove

Igor has worked much on this project, before he has reached this final results. He has to be able to observe much, to his own sculptures, realistic fashion the movements of animals. Multiple, different parts of metal waste he has composed then – old car parts, motorcycle parts, movements, tableware and anything else that does fit. Now, enjoy the lovely creations in the steampunk style!

Large, realistic Ant

pre-owned motorcycle recycling sculptures ants

Duck with silver certificate

pre-owned motorcycle recycling sculptures duck

Beautiful eye-catcher in the living room could be this fish

motorcycle parts recycling sculptures fish

Sleeping bat

motorcycle parts recycling sculptures bats

Beautiful, happy pooch motorcycle parts recycling sculptures dog

Ladybug from movement and old mechanisms

Maybe the Egyptian cat is pre-owned motorcycle recycling sculptures beetle

used motorcycle parts recycling sculptures cats steampunk

Oceanic turtles

motorcycle parts recycling sculptures turtle

Beautiful Butterfly Green

used motorcycle parts recycling sculpture Butterfly

This looks like a real insect

used motorcycle parts recycling sculptures butterflies steampunk Used motorcycle parts recycling sculptures squid

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