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The Perfect Ceiling Light: What You Should Consider When Buying

An important factor for the coziness of any room, which unfortunately is often neglected when setting up, is the right lighting. Because nothing is more disturbing at dinner than a bright light that falls directly into the eyes and all unpleasant dazzles. But where is the secret of a successful lighting design for your own four walls? Which are the… Read more »

Ice Cube Ideas For Barbeque Party Or Just To Enjoy The Summer

Summer sun sunshine! What more do you need in summer when the weather is beautiful and your friends are numerous? Sometimes, however, we exaggerate the fun and also the heat. Therefore, many are happy about good ideas for refreshing drinks. In today’s article, we would like to suggest some fresh ice cube ideas that can become the highlight of any… Read more »

Create Moodboard: A Great Tool When Setting Up

Create moodboard as work equipment
create moodboard for mode

Creating a moodboard is a creative, exciting activity that can give wings to your own creativity and imagination. Ideas and emotions are visualized and developed on this”mood board”. It is a sort of visual collage that represents a patchwork of different ideas. It could be about a creative project in the fashion industry, a kind of installation, a service or… Read more »

20 Inspirational Table Decoration Ideas For Creative Hobbyists

Tischdeko Ideen Tischordnung Placement set for coloring red with tassels
Table decoration ideas table arrangement arrangement of children from cork

When it comes to table top ideas, most people already look away and stop reading. Frankly, we found here, at Fresh ideas, the topic is not particularly attractive, but then we discovered something great, which we would like to share with you, our readers. In the following, we offer not only original suggestions for home-made table decoration, but also many… Read more »

Open Café? Tips For The Perfect Interior!

Café establishment and cafe open
bar stools café open gastronomy furniture

The cafes around the world always have something in common! The comfort and the cosiness that comes with the individual concept. They attract young and old with their enchanting scent of fresh coffee and delicious chocolate. The cafés are a frequently chosen location for business and friend meetings. Every day a new café is opened worldwide. If you also intend… Read more »

Bokashi Bucket: The New Trend To Make Organic Fertilizer Yourself

bokashi bucket use fertilizer make yourself
bokashi bucket diy fertilizer

If you want to compost your kitchen waste in a completely ecological way and make organic fertilizer yourself, you can try it with a Bokashi bucket. How this works and why you should prefer this method to conventional composting is explained in the following lines. Ecologically fertilize with the Bokashi bucket What does Bokashi mean? Bokashi comes from the Japanese,… Read more »

42 Colorful Baby Room Decoration Ideas For A Colorful Start In Life

baby room decoration ideas MOEBEL DESIGN
baby room decoration ideas winni pooh

If you are not in the shoes of a mother or a father, you can easily judge from afar about many topics and throw the conventional nursery decorating ideas with ease over the board. The world is not just about Pink and blue , one thinks and then wonders that many shops use exactly this color scheme when it comes… Read more »

Planting Planters: Quick Guide And Best Tips For Permanent Planting

flower boxes plant correctly
flower boxes plant permanent planting

How can you properly plant a planter? Very easily! With the instructions and tips in the following lines, you will soon be able to fill not just one, but many planters with life. Create your own fresh oasis of well-being in the garden, on the roof terrace or on the balcony and enjoy the fresh floral and plant splendor. Planting… Read more »

To Multiply Roses: By Cuttings You Succeed Very Simply

Roses multiply by cuttings in the summer
roses multiply rosary branch woody

To multiply roses is something only for the professionals or for very experienced hobby gardeners? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Today we show you how to easily grow your beautiful roses through cuttings from June to August. With this method, you can not only multiply your already existing flowers, but also use branches of… Read more »

9 Stunning Dream Homes That Will Make You Dream Of The Perfect Vacation

Canadian dream houses
Canadian dream houses charming beach house at the lake in Ontario splendid view

On our website we publish daily articles about stylish architecture and first-class design. But today’s contribution is something special, though it is dedicated to this topic. But in turn, here are nine beautiful Canadian homes for you! It is intended primarily for aesthetes and for all readers who are inspired by breathtaking images for unique interior design in their own… Read more »