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Christmas Baskets With Children- 62 DIY Ideas That Are Simple And Fast To Implement

christmas baskets with children tinkering with toilet paper
tinkering with toilet paper rolls christmas decorations

On icy and rainy Sundays one likes to stay at home and tinker with pleasure of different things until dusk. Sometimes we do not take the hassle of crafting as crafting, because we are creative and always enthusiastic about it again and again. In accordance with the pre-Christmas preparations and festive attunement, we would like to present to you more… Read more »

Bake The Ultimate Halloween Cake!

halloween cake creepy bloody raspberries
halloween cake red raspberry blood vampire white glaze

How about a creepy vampire Halloween cake? Just ask yourself what a sweet surprise you can prepare for Halloween? How about a delicious Halloween cake? What about a vampire cake? Yes, vampires are the most popular Halloween motifs. Your children will certainly be fascinated, especially if they are already in the teenager. But also your guests will admire the creepy… Read more »

Kitchen Back Wall – Which Spray Protection Variants Are Available?

kuechenrueckwand fancy texture white stylish
kitchen kitchen white kitchen cabinets

Kitchen backdrops have long been a must in the modern kitchen! They do not only have a nice look, but are a functional complement, which can not be dispensed with a clean and orderly kitchen. Tiles, glass, stone… A truly wide variety of materials, textures and colors leaves nothing to be desired. Because this design element deserves enough attention in… Read more »

Window Decoration In The Advent: (Immer Wieder) Current Ideas 2017

christmas decorations
Pens window decoration in the advent

In the case of window decorations in Advent, people develop quite different attitudes. The one love the tradition and always look forward to the well-known beautiful things. Others, on the other hand, consider tradition to be a routine that bores and constrains them. Both sides we would like to provoke with the following article. Through a few questions we ask… Read more »

How The Flurgestaltung Becomes Modern And Functional By A Bench

modern design seat design unusual floor design
modern design and comfortable beautiful patterns bright colors

In the hall there is not much furniture, but everything has its place. There is a wardrobe and a side table, but comfortable seating is also desirable! A seat bench in the corridor is also considered in most cases. How the Flurgestaltung becomes modern and functional through a bench? We will give you a few ideas for Flurgestaltung, which deserve… Read more »

Origami For Christmas Fold – 5 Detailed Instructions And A Lot Of Fun

origami to christmas fold christmas reindeer
like sign origami christmas bastelideen

Origami – the unique paperwork art from Japan, has undoubtedly conquered the whole world and continues to be a constant challenge for many new baked but also for experienced craft fans. This is the reason why almost everything can be made from paper. How about folding Christmas with Origami? This is a particularly cost-effective and exciting affair in which not… Read more »

Feng Shui Mirror – Use: Tips For Various Living Spaces

room furniture mirror rustic design
feng shui corridor mirror placement

If you use Feng Shui mirrors, then you spread mainly the energy of the water in your own apartment. Most of the rules are based on this belief. In principle, mirrors must be used in places where the fire threatens to assume an excessively strong role. By a mirror one could compensate. In combination with objects that stand for air,… Read more »

Cozy Bedroom – 22 Ideas For A Comfortable Sleeping Area

bedroom ideas for more comfortably matching lighting
bedroom ideas bright ambiente matching fabrics

The sleeping area is a personal place: its furnishings must reflect the individuality of its inhabitants and meet all their needs. The reason is clear: in the four walls of his bedroom you must feel comfortable! No compromises have to be made! This has led us to create a rich picture gallery where you can inspire your own bedroom! Even… Read more »

Making Christmas Cards Yourself And Welcoming Friends And Relatives In The Classic Way

Christmas cards DIY tinker diy ideas opener
original Christmas cards themselves tinkering diy ideas

For many, Christmas means a very stressful time, even if it is described as peaceful and reflective. If you’re celebrating big festivals, you have to have some sort of organization and be able to deal with it in time. With a proper time management, one prepares the preparations for each feast to meet in time and one even comes to… Read more »

How To Design Your Festive Table Decoration In Autumn!

tree, flowers, table, decoration, autumn, homemade
dumplings red orange table decoration autumn leaves pumpkin

The golden October delights and warms us with its sunny embrace and we hope this will last a bit longer, despite the inevitable winter cold. It is also slowly becoming time to create a comfortable ambiance in your own four walls. Or as the Scandinavians say beautifully: that Hygge feeling at home. Feel homely and relaxed, not just reading the… Read more »

Shabby Chic Bathrooms Are Charming And Cozy

shabby chic bathroom raffrollos fresh pattern
shabby chic bathroom wall mirror black flooring

Can the bathroom be comfortable and invite you to a long, pleasant stay? Yes of course! Shabby chic bathrooms are a real proof of this! The gentle effect of the Shabby Chic transforms the bathroom into a charming space that offers its residents pure relaxation. Which bathroom furniture should you choose if you want to bring the Shabby chic style… Read more »

Making Candles By Yourself – 36 Inspiring Ideas With Instructions

candle making diy ideas colorful candles
candles themselves make diy ideas tinker with children

Our endless DIY range continues today with even more tingling ideas and inspiration. If you would like to make your own Christmas gifts or look for cool gift ideas for any suitable occasion, you have landed well on our website. In addition to gaining a lot of great impressions, we also try to enrich our readers with enough practical instructions… Read more »

Industrial Lamp Gives Rooms A Unique Industrial Charm

industrial lamp design hanging lamps modern ambience
lamps design ideas wall lamp in gray

Today you can make wonders in the interior design by the lighting! Modern LED luminaires provide functional lighting for the rooms and create unusual accents in the interior. Today, lighting fixtures with a timeless design have attracted our attention: industrial lamps. The unique industrial lamps provide factories and workshops with the necessary light and also illuminate the modern kitchen of… Read more »

Galaxy Makeup: The Hottest Makeup From The Instagram

galaxy make up trend ideas winter
glitzer galaxy make up insta trend

A glittering trend from the Instagram has for some time made the hearts of all make-up artists beat faster: Galaxy Make-up! As the name suggests, this is a whole lot of sparkle and glimmer, as well as in the night sky with clear visibility. The mystical appearance of the stars has always been magically attracted and inspired by mankind. And… Read more »