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Spring Flowers Decoration Brings Joy And Color To The Apartment

Spring flowers bring us into a happy mood even before the snow has melted outside. So you have the great opportunity to enjoy their beauty and fresh fragrance not only in the garden, but also in your own home. Give from March to May spring flowers the opportunity to bring fresh mood and lots of color to the interior. Only… Read more »

Recycling Crafts With CDs- The Best Upcycling Ideas To Decorate Your Home And Garden

Are you one of those who have tons of old CD and DVD discs? You have long since dubbed and backed up all the data and no longer know what you can do with so much hazardous waste? Is it up to you in the attic and bums? Do not worry – today our contribution will be exclusively around Upcycling… Read more »

Find The Right House Tree For Your Own Garden

Having a nice house tree in your own garden is one of the most important aspects of landscaping. Especially if you want more structure, but also more security and comfort around the house. It is no coincidence that house trees have a long tradition. In the past, people always planted a so-called protection tree on important occasions such as marriage… Read more »

90 Tattoo Wrist Ideas According To The Latest Trends

tattoo wrist ideas designs
graphic tattoo wrist

Tattoo wrist designs are currently experiencing their comeback. More and more often, even some celebrities decide for small tattoos, just at this body site. The inside of the wrist is quite popular because it allows reasonably enough to hide the tattoo with jewelry or a wristwatch when needed. But also on the side of the wrist pierced tattoos look pretty… Read more »

How Border Makes The Baby Room A Happy Place

bordure baby room mickey minnie pattern colored
bordure nursery zig zag pattern pink walls

The room of little babies is a beautiful place… Here one strives to create an interior design to admire. Colors and patterns are carefully combined, with attention to functionality and design. But a special value is placed on the decoration in this room and especially on the wall decoration, because here parents can let their imagination and creativity run wild…… Read more »

Cement Tiles For Your Modern Interior Design – 30 Ideas

brown and white stripes of cement tiles
subtle pattern cement tiles

Cement tiles are one of the most enjoyable and exciting themes in modern interior design. They show that the beautiful classic patterns and ideas are always up to date. Because the cement tiles are a 19th century theme actually. It is not at all self-evident that for a few years and more exactly – since 2014, they have been used… Read more »

24 Baby Room Young Ideas On How To Make The Most Of This Space

baby room boy ideas gray blue white combination
baby room boy ideas blue wallpaper colored carpet

There are certain views and attitudes in the baby room design. Thus, between the girls ‘nursery and the boys’ nursery, differences in color are generally made. That’s why, and much more, in our article today. Stay with us! In a baby boy’s room, dark blue, gray and white make a great combination The color selection in the boys baby room… Read more »

Food Trends 2018- These Foods Speak For Themselves

food trends 2018 germany instagram
food trends 2018 germany instagramm year of mushrooms

Since the beginnings of Instagram, as a younger person you feel the obligation to photograph your food, add hashtags and share it with the whole Instagram community. The fancier the plate, the more visited and liked the meal pictured. In this way, the so-called Trend Foods have emerged in all these years and in today’s article we would just like… Read more »

Inspiring And Up-to-date Pictures For Indian Face Painting

red brown palette face painting indian
dark-haired woman face painting indian

Exotic facial paintings are something you should wear in everyday life. The occasions for which they can be of benefit are very many. Carnival and summer parties are very popular. Other events with such character are not uncommon. Face painting does not necessarily have to be worn on a special occasion. At some point, this can be done as a… Read more »

The Perfect Sun Protection – Pleats As You Wish

sunscreen window plissees-resized
beautiful plissees window sunscreen-resized

An ideal sun protection are the classic pleats. They provide protection from the sun and at the same time a perfect privacy in every living room. It is also advantageous that the pleats are available for a wide variety of window types. Whether an innovative fabric, for the private living space or even higher quality materials that are suitable for… Read more »

Safety In Gardening – This Is To Be Considered

Gardening lawn mowing
Gardening hedge cut

Work in your own garden in the evening after work, spend the weekends in the fresh air and transform the property into a small oasis – how many people dream of this or have already realized this dream? Without question, working in the garden can be very relaxing or help to eliminate the everyday frustration of grass clippings and weeds… Read more »

Covered Porch – Resting Place And Meeting Place For Family And Friends

Porch wicker dining table
Sunny porch

Do you want to have a place at home where you can rest, regardless of the weather and season, while observing the nearby nature? Maybe you already have a covered porch or conservatory. Then our next tips for the design of this place of rest will definitely please you. In this article we want to show you how to transform… Read more »

Can DIY Slatted Frames Replace Industrially Manufactured Base Springs?


Healthy and restful sleep is the sum of many factors. An important part of the bedchamber is the classic slatted frame, which today is not only industrially manufactured and becomes the most common underlay in bed. DIY slats are also popular with home-growers and individualists. The question that crops up in this context is whether DIY slatted frames can replace… Read more »

What Helps Against Wrinkles: 7 Important Tips That Are Easy To Follow

what helps against folding ideas tips
eat healthy what helps against wrinkles

Minutes, days, years…. Time just keeps on going and nobody gets spared. Unfortunately, our skin is not. It degrades over time and becomes thinner and less radiant. The dreaded wrinkles are despite the latest anti wrinkle face creams, Botox, hyaluronic acid and Beauty surgeries are just there and they will not be less. Wrinkles form over time and often cause… Read more »