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31 Ideas For Advent Calendars Or How To Make The Pre-Christmas Season More Exciting

Cool advent calendar ideas pl├Ątzchen adventszeit
Advent calendars themselves make small boxing surprises

The Adventszeit is one of the most exciting in the calendar. It also inspires us all to creative decoides. Tradition has traditionally been used to mark the time until Christmas Eve by means of an Advent calendar. Children are obviously looking forward to it, but adults do not remain indifferent. Even as a Christmas present the Advent calendar is particularly… Read more »

Make Your Own Lantern – 42 Simple Templates And Ideas For St. Martin’s Day

lantern self tinkering small
lantern self made from glass

Slowly and surely the days become shorter, darker and colder, even if the autumn of this year really means good with us and gives us magnificent and golden moments. Nevertheless, we slowly turn on the heating in the evening and light candles in the tea pot. The candle light in the evening reminds us quickly that the autumn is also… Read more »

33 Bastelideen For Halloween – Even Tinkered Decoration Brings Even More Festive Mood!

halloween deko pumpkin paper orange black
basaltide halloween from preserving jars

They say, crafting is fun! The crafting for Halloween is something very specific! To give the home a festive look and at the same time to create a creepy note is the key to the beautiful Halloween decoration. Even tiled decoration is perfect! A few creative DIY ideas in use, how you can transform the appearance of your four walls… Read more »

25g Clever Recipes For Every Day And Taste

restegourmet 4
restegourmet 5

Every day, there is a lot of talk about sustainable life, how much we should pay attention to the energy efficiency of our appliances, how to live more responsibly, what cars we can drive, or our”daily bread”from the region. If you do not buy a Fairtrade and maybe you are not a vegan, you are already perceived as a criminal…. Read more »

Kitchen Worktop Made Of Concrete – Pros And Cons At A Glance

Kitchen worktop made of concrete kitchen in industrial section
contemporary kitchen kitchen worktop industrial

What began years ago as a practical design of a workplace has now become a new trend in the interior. Of the industrial style has already prevailed in the interior of our four walls and radiates everywhere its peculiar loft charm. This design style is characterized by the use of shiny metal, rough surfaces and open tubes. However, he expresses… Read more »

Men’s Bracelets: What Should You Watch Out For?

casual design with anchor men 's bracelets
bicycle chain men bracelet in black

It is rather a mistake of modern times that only women should wear jewelry. Even in antiquity, particularly wealthy men have carried a great deal, as a symbol of their wealth and social status. Nowadays the men’s jewelry serves as an additional means of expressing the individual character of the men. That is why it is important not only to… Read more »

Current Ideas For Christmas Winternails 2017

only in white discreet Christmas nails
idea green white idea

For great Christmas winter nails you need two things: You should be familiar with the current trends. In addition, one should incorporate certain ceremonial elements. On the basis of some ideas and examples, we will show you how this can work for Christmas 2017. Spectacular Nageldesign only in white and with decent decoration Nude Nail Design The Nageldesign in Nude… Read more »

Witchfinger Bake: A Very Simple Recipe And Many Ideas In Pictures

Witchfinger baking with almonds and ketchup
witchfinger baking pastry ideas

Halloween crafting has been around for a long time. Now, however, the right moment has come, where you should also make culinary thoughts. Especially if you own one Halloween Party organize or be invited to one, spooky treats are without doubt a must. The possibilities for this are countless both for Halloween fingerfood and dishes, as well as for desserts… Read more »

Grapes Recipes: Autumn Food With Slightly Sweet Taste!

ginger bread recipes
beans salad recipes

Autumn is grape season! At this time of the year you can enjoy the freshly plowed grapes to the fullest. Healthy for brain function and cell stimulation, this fruit brings further health benefits to the human body. The grapes are also raw as an ingredient of various dishes. This provides for a specific and still tasty taste. We have prepared… Read more »

Create Reading Corners, Where Reading Can Be Fun For Hours

reading room furnishing ideas gray reading chair beautiful wall design
reading room open wall shelves leesessel readingsessel

Do you like to read? If reading is really fun, then you may read several hours a day?! And if you spend a lot of time in reading, you are sure to find a suitable ambience where you can retire in peace. This is why many people prefer a beautifully designed reading corner. Setting up a single reading room does… Read more »

66 Great Pottery Ideas With Instructions, Which Can Easily Be Implemented In The Pre-Christmas Period

Pottery Ideas Toepfern Ideas with Children DIY IDEEN gift wrapping itself
Pottery Ideas Toepfern Ideas With Children DIY IDEEN raeucherstaebchen

The countdown is over, so it will not be long until you can look forward to the most beautiful feast of the family and the reflection in the darkest season. In the time before Christmas it is not just about the planning of the festival and the purchase of the many gifts. Many families still cultivate the tradition of crafting,… Read more »

Crafting For Christmas- 42 Great Ideas With Instructions For DIY Gifts And Decoration

crafts for christmas materials
tinker for christmas canvas

Even though the autumn still gives us great days, it will be time to think about Christmas and maybe make some plans and lists in advance. If you can probably think, it would be possible that the pre-Christmas period is not stressful and one can enjoy the contemplative afternoons with a cup of cocoa fully. For today’s article, we have… Read more »

Crafting For Christmas – What Can Be Done For Christmas?

christmas decorations
craft christmas christmas star wood rustic

The beautiful Christmas season is coming back soon and we are of the opinion that the Christmas decoration has to be taken into consideration. These, who like to craft, agree that crafting is creative and inspiring. The Christmas baskets, however, are fun and fun, because you immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere! This is also the reason why we are… Read more »

Making Flower Arrangements By Yourself: The Basic Rules, Tips And Great Ideas

flower arrangement monochrome design bastelideen
flower arrangements themselves make different nuances blue

The flower arrangements offer a diverse selection of different variations. Just take a tour of the different flower shops and you will convince yourself. Instead of buying them, however, you can make the flowers themselves. It is by no means possible with a few instructions to exhaust the whole variety of techniques. However, there are some basic rules and tips… Read more »