How Border Makes The Baby Room A Happy Place

The room of little babies is a beautiful place… Here one strives to create an interior design to admire. Colors and patterns are carefully combined, with attention to functionality and design. But a special value is placed on the decoration in this room and especially on the wall decoration, because here parents can let their imagination and creativity run wild… In terms of wall design, there is a particularly popular decorative element, which makes every baby room to the dream place: the border Baby room.

Colored border brings cheerful mood into the baby room

bordure baby room mickey minnie pattern colored

Why are borders in the baby room so popular?

Borders change the room at once. They are especially recommended in the baby room and especially in rooms with too high walls. This creates a much cozier place where the little ones feel comfortable. If the walls are too high, the wall will usually be painted in two different colors: the lower part will be painted in a darker shade and the upper one in a lighter or simply in white.

So walls are more pleasant to perceive. Also Murals Of course you can use it instead of wall colors for the wall design. How do you ensure a uniform wall look? Of course, the borders come into play here!

A small accent on the wall changes the whole room look!

bordure nursery zig zag pattern pink walls

Nursery borders provide a completely new look. This will bring momentum into baby room design, no matter what the color of the walls are painted. White walls will make you look more interesting and two-tone wall design will make for a nice gradual transition. So you can optically delimit the surfaces.

Except that the borders create an optical effect in the room: the walls are divided in height. In addition, borders represent a beautiful wall decoration in the baby room. They are great accessories that bring color and joie de vivre into the baby room. Of course, this wall decoration exists in matching designs for Girl baby room and Boys baby room , It is important that you ensure a harmonious overall picture.

A lively wall design, but in soft colors

bordure nursery cheerful fun wall design

Avoid a boring baby room wall design!

border baby room white walls girl room animal pattern

Bring borders to the wall in the baby room, thus promoting the imagination of the little ones. They have huge choices and can make the walls versatile. Flowers, stars, butterflies, animals, cars, fairytale motifs, favorite heroes… you’re spoiled for choice!

How do you bring borders to the wall?

As a rule, borders are brought to the wall by a wallpaper paste. However, it is best to use a spirit level to make a thin line on the wall for orientation so that everything works smoothly.

But self-adhesive borders are also offered on the market. Simply affix the border?! That sounds wonderful! And is yes! Because borders for self-adhesive are a foolproof way to customize the baby room walls! And now also so effective! Some adhere only to smooth walls, others can be glued on woodchip. They may also be easily removed afterwards. Self-adhesive borders can be made of paper or fleece and have a paper backing on the back.

Use motives with favorite heroes

bordure baby room favorite hero girl room decorate

So, be sure to consider borders when you are in the wall decoration in the baby room and make a baby room to feel good!

Creative wall design in the baby room evokes fascination!

bordure nursery fresh pattern girlish

Such a dynamic wall decoration in the baby room is something special!

bordure nursery cars green cabinet bright walls

Border with cars on a blue wall! Certainly it’s about a boys baby room!

border nursery blue wall paint light flooring

Through the matching border the baby room can look girlish

border baby room floral design carpet beige

Remember that wall design can help small children develop…

bordure baby room letters funny design wall design
Borage nursery dynamics bring modern wall design
bordure nursery elternecke armchair colored wall decoration
border baby room fresh wall design blue green

Unicorn motifs are popular everywhere…

bordure nursery fresh design trendy pattern girl
bordure nursery bright furniture fresh accents
border baby room bright walls red border white baby bed
Combine bordure baby room monkeys motifs light gray pink

Who does not like Mickey and Minnie?

border baby room boy room blue textile
bordure baby room funny motives spice up bright walls
border baby room boy white carpet dark furniture pieces
bordure baby room girl pink brown combine

Also discreet can be border

border baby room orange beige walls light flooring