Nursery Wall Color According To The Feng Shui Rules Search

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nursery baby room paint design wall decoration two-tone

Feng Shui: Some general tips for the nursery wall color

Some rules for the interior design do not refer to the nursery. The most you can already apply. Much more than that, they should be necessarily. Thus, to promote the healthy growth of a child. So the kids are happier and develop a good feeling for aesthetics. At the end of the day, they have a great flavor.

Fresh and colorful fashion baby and nursery

nursery wall color nursery design wall decoration green colors

Feng Shui rules are super important. Also in the children’s room. Today we will write about this. However, our contribution has no claim to comprehensiveness. We will discuss pretty much all essential aspects. However we put an accent on the nursery wall color and the way how the room should best be divided.

Reviving color ideas for kids and baby room

nursery baby room paint color design ideas


In General, you must be aware that the environment strongly affected everyone. In the children, this is even more the case. So go with the nursery color and with all other elements, consciously and responsibly look around.  Your child must feel right at home especially in the ambience.

Create positive energy in the baby room

nursery baby room paint design wall design white yellow

Are you actually on the environment of the room as such in the clear? Is there water or another geological peculiarity? This is definitely not recommended. Even more: The room borders on an indoor or outdoor area that could radiate somehow bad energy?

Feng Shui rules in the overview

nursery baby room paint design wall decoration gray

You could use pets to determine the energy in the room. Cats would be perfect in this regard. You like to sit in places with negative energy. Unlike us, these good which. For this reason, it is so relaxing and soothing, if they are much around us in everyday life.

Cosy and colourful atmosphere

nursery baby room wall color creative wall-design

Nursery wall color

We turn to the question, for what nursery wall color you should choose rules according to Feng Shui. We understand the three usual areas that exist in this respect. There’s the cold color scheme. It is from blue to violet. There are the warm colour scale – from red to yellow. They also drop some nuances in the so-called neutral gamma. A representative of this last group is green.

Wall colors for the girls room

nursery wall color girls room wall decoration designing

Combination of two wall colors

nursery wall color Rosa Weiß nursery design baby cot

For everyone, there are different matching colours. You very much related to the year of his birth. This could be checked after special Feng Shui tables.

Fresh paint ideas for boys room

nursery wall color turquoise white nursery design baby cot

On the other hand it is advisable according to Feng Shui, that wall colors of various kinds are represented in the nursery. This relates to the process of child development. This is very pronounced in the nursery. There, a balance between all the elements must be achieved.

Cosy corner

nursery wall color baby room design creative wall-design

Contrasts and asymmetry

Through the living room wall color as well as by other elements you should also contrasts, both in part reach an asymmetrical drop-out appearance in the living room. But they are there only to provide a lively form of balance.

Creative wall design in the nursery

nursery baby room paint design wall decoration

Use geometric elements

nursery wall color nursery design baby crib wall decoration Grau Weiß

Variety is there times from one, even the other mood to find refuge. A pale blue wall decoration, which stretches across the whole room would be too tiring. Pull the enrichment with many motifs and patterns into consideration.

Stylish wall decoration in the maid’s room

nursery wall color nursery wall decoration designing geometry

Pastel colours give the room a positive charisma

nursery wall color baby room wall decoration designing pastels

Avoid the chaos

At the end, we want to accentuate quite strongly on this specific point. An ideal order must be here. This is easily maintained. The many toys and other such items that affect them, should either can make up a general thematic accent wall or somewhere, where they are not seen, will be admitted.

Create order even in the children’s play area

nursery wall color children's figures accent wall yellow

A good idea is a dark wall color?

nursery baby room paint design accent wall in black

Sun sets behind the mountains

nursery wall color nursery design baby cot

3D wall design: thrilling clouds of paper

nursery wall color nursery crib wall decoration designing

Clouds shelves on grey background

nursery wall color nursery design baby crib wall decoration gray

Put to use wall decals

nursery wall color baby room with wall decals

Wall decoration with open bookshelves

nursery wall color nursery design bright wall decoration

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