A Corner Bath Gives You The Desired Comfort And Style In The Bathroom

In hectic everyday life you experience and do so much… After all the stress of taking a relaxing bath is always a real treat, regardless of the time and season. But baths can be so different… If you have certain criteria for a tub, then you take many things when buying a bathtub in consideration. For example, the shape of the tub is one of the important criteria. So today we want to draw your attention to the corner tub in this regard, because this is characterized by significant advantages, both in terms of functionality, as well as in terms of design. Let’s see, who are they…

To emphasize the bathtub through beautiful bathroom tiles

corner bath beautiful tile blue yellow

Why exactly a corner bath?

Corner sinks have certain advantages over the others Bath-forms , Which are you?

The space-saving construction is a practical option in both a large and a small bathroom. If you have a small bathroom and still value a bathtub, the corner bath is a real help when it comes to bathroom design.

Because square tubs allow you to make good use of the space in the bathroom. This turns it into a great solution for small bathrooms.

Corner bath with soft lines provides comfort in the modern bathroom

corner bath nice design soft carpet attractive curtain

The corner baths are wider than the usual Bathtubs. For some, however, the water surface goes into the corner, but usually Eckwannen offer a large storage space. Here you can easily position shampoos, towels and various decorative items.

Square tubs are a functional and stylish alternative in the modern bathroom

corner bath modern design bathroom ideas beautiful colors

Corner baths can also fulfill additional functions. The corner tub with whirlpool is an attractive and functional addition to any modern bathroom. You can make a spa area in your own bathroom. The Whirlpool function This is because there are several jets on the sides and bottom of the tub that blow air jets into the water. Also massage jets in the back or in the feet can be produced on some models. An integrated heater is another extra. The well-being can be increased by further functions of the corner bath. This allows the water to shimmer in different colors. Of course, all these extras can be controlled through a touch screen operation.

Corner bath with whirlpool function

corner bath functional solution bathroom ideas

In fact, the corner bath offers you various design possibilities to furnish the bathroom in a modern and stylish way. It can also be positioned as a freestanding bath and create a spectacular bathroom design.

This modern corner bath spreads an airy sense of space in the bathroom

corner bath white elegant gray bathroom

Variety of designs at the corner tub

The room conditions of the bath itself and your own preferences play a complex role in choosing the right bathtub. The personal needs are of course crucial. So the corner baths differ in size, shape and design to meet all requirements.

They can have the same side length or sides of different lengths. So they are also positioned differently. The filling volume of the tubs is different. Larger bathtubs offer space for two people. Some have a small sitting area, other armrests.

In the form also great diversity is observed. Asymmetric, curved, trapezoidal shape, octagonal bathtub… Whether semicircular, triangular or curved, you will be spoiled for choice! But every single bath upgrades the bathroom.

Even the tub aprons in different shapes make the tub appear differently. This is the cladding element of the bathtub, which is adapted to the shape and dimensions of the tub.

Square bath ensures real living comfort in the small bathroom!

corner bath modern design stylish flooring elegant red walls

Chic paneled sink for the corner

Corner big model beautiful apron

In terms of materials, sanitary acrylic is preferred for the corner baths. It is unbreakable and insensitive to shock and stores good heat, but this scratched faster. Therefore, no sharp cleaners are desired for their care.

Match the colors in the bathroom to each other

corner bath white bathtub light blue wall plank floor

Give your bathroom a fancy look or why not a nice wellness flair… Break the stress and let your mind wander! Because physical and mental relaxation are equally important for sensual relaxation!

Fancy bathtub with corner shape saves space in the modern bathroom

corner sink unusual design brown doormat brown flooring

Eckwanne ensures a better living comfort!…

corner bath whirlpool corner bath light flooring brown accents
Corner bucket vintage style light flooring
corner bath beautiful design light brown wall design beautiful floor

Simple design, but a wonderful solution in the modern bathroom design

corner bath modern bathroom ideas small bathroom
Corner bathroom modern bathroom beautiful flooring
corner bath chic bathroom set up red accents

Tiled bathtub with mosaic tiles makes such a beautiful impression and gives the bathroom design more coziness

Corner beautiful apron dressed mosaic
corner bath large bathtub white flooring
corner bath cozy bathroom set up large storage area

Where would you rather put the square tub?

corner tub functional modern stylish floor tiles beautiful wall design
corner bath shower modern bathroom set up
corner bath brown bathroom large floor tiles

Use matching tiles to achieve a luxurious bathroom look

Corner luxurious bathroom harmonious colors neutral colors