Bath: Which Shape Is Best For Your Needs?

A hot bath in the tub has long been used not only for hygiene, but is also wellness for body and mind. In addition, experts agree: Baden is healthy because it stimulates organ activity and relieves the immune system. Most people do not want to miss a bathtub in their home. Fortunately, there are now suitable bathtubs for both small and large bathrooms. That’s how you find it all common forms for the bathtub For example, at KALDEWEI: In addition to classic corner and rectangular tubs, there are also unusual options such as oval and freestanding bathtubs and special special shapes. But which form is suitable for whom?

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Fundamentals of bathtub shape and size

In general, the bath form is the outer shape of a tub. It sometimes coincides with the inner shape, but this is not a must. For example, there are many rectangular tubs that can best be set up along a wall. The inside of the bathtub, however, does not have to be rectangular, but may also have an oval shape.

Also, the dimensions given for a bathtub always refer to the external dimensions and not to the basin in which they are later.

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Solution 1: Rectangular tray

The classic among bathtub shapes is the rectangular shape. It is timeless, can be combined easily and is available in countless modern variants. Most often it is placed on a long wall. But it can also be placed in a corner or integrated into a kind of pedestal from above. Usually rectangular tubs are 80 centimeters wide. But there are also the duo variant with a width of 90 to 100 centimeters. In addition, rectangular tubs are distinguished by their lengths: small variants are only 1.40 meters long. The standard versions have a length of 1.70 to 1.90 meters. Also XL rectangular tubs are offered. They can be up to 2.20 meters long.

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Solution 2: Corner bath

Furthermore is the corner bath is a popular solution – especially in small bathrooms. It uses the available space optimally. The traditional corner bathtub looks like an isosceles triangle from the top, which fits perfectly in a corner. Mostly the side, which protrudes into the room, is covered with tiles. Corner sinks are available in the following sizes:

  • Small models: 1.20 meters x 1.20 meters
  • Standard corner baths: 1.40 meters x 1.40 meters
  • Large versions: 1.60 meters x 1.60 meters

In addition, corner tubs are available that have different lengths and widths, such as the trapezoidal models and the corner tubs, which have five, six or eight corners.

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Solution 3: Freestanding bathtub

Lately enjoys the freestanding bath a growing popularity. It is represented as a round, oval or angular variant in the trade. However, this solution is only suitable for bathrooms that are at least 12 square meters in size. Even with freestanding baths, there are differences in length: From 1.50 meters to more than two meters, everything is possible.

Solution 4: Oval pan

Oval bathtubs are not as austere as rectangular tubs because of their soft shapes. Often they are chosen by bathroom designers, if the tub is to be placed in a pedestal. But as double baths, these versions are popular. Small models are about 1.60 meters long. By default, however, oval bathtubs are installed with 1.70 meters or 1.80 meters in length. In addition, extra large variants are available.

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Solution 5: Special shape bath

In addition, you will find commercially available bathtubs in special and special forms, which can otherwise be assigned to any form. This includes:

  • Semicircular bathtubs fastened to a wall on one side
  • Trapezoidal bathtubs
  • Rectangular tubs with a rounded corner

These models are suitable for bathrooms with special spatial conditions.

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