Design The Bathroom And Create A Tropical Oasis

When talking about interior design, you may think of colors, designs, and the atmosphere that are important in any creative project. Rarely do you think, but of the potential design elements and if, then predominantly in relation to Feng Shui or other spiritual movements that play a relevant role in contemporary interior design. Today, we want to focus on the indoor plants that make your bathroom original and functional. There are quite a few plants that crave moisture and little light.

The good news is that the plants not only fulfill an aesthetic function, but can also affect the climatic conditions in the bathroom.

When designing the bathroom, functionality can be complemented by organic aesthetics

green plants bathroom design bathroom ideas

How to make your bathroom tropical and wild

Are there any plants that can thrive without light? Sure, and we like to introduce some of them. Nature offers us many good examples, which we can look at without hesitation in the design of our apartment.

Indoor plants, such as aloe vera, purify the air in the room and prevent the formation of mold

green plants bathroom frame aloe

Depending on how big your bath is and how much light there is in it, you can create a magnificent tropical oasis out of the bare room. There are still vertical gardens in the shower area and even with some orchid varieties can achieve fantastic results. Here, the choice of planters is important because they are also part of the design.

Green houseplants with which you can design the bathroom , love the moisture. These include many rainforest plants that feel most comfortable at 80-90% humidity. To the orchids you can add all varieties of fern, rubber and dragon tree. One can orient oneself on plants with large and fleshy leaves or simply look up, which plants grow in the rainforest.

If you arrange the houseplants correctly and learn to determine, you can actually come to a successful design and feel partially, as on vacation.

Ivy, single leaf or flamingo flower – all love the shade and the humid air in the bathroom

green plants bathroom shape window

Just think of your last vacation in Asia and distribute tropical plants in your bathroom

green plants bathroom shape moisture

Many orchid varieties are considered easy to care for as long as they get enough moisture

green plants bathroom fashion orchids

Succulents are considered universal and absolutely easy to care for

green indoor plants bathroom design succulent plant

Depending on the light, you can choose and align the plants for the bath

green room plants bathroom shape footbridge

Ivy and moss stayed in the shade for too long. Try to bring about a cozy design

green indoor plants bathroom design modern apartment

A doormat may well consist of moss and functionally and naturally optimize the bathroom

green plants bathroom fashion moss

Tropical climate and holiday feeling in the bathroom

Even if the design with tropical plants sounds easy, you should know something more about the care of the plants.

Search for yourself such houseplants that you can take good care of yourself. Although orchids and bromeliads are a bit difficult and need a lot of attention, as well the bamboo and the flamingo flower. But once you get used to the new environment in the bathroom, they will treat you to a nice holiday feeling.

Try to get closer to nature and make your bathroom breathe. This not only affects the indoor climate, but also your general condition, which you will notice very soon!

In this sense – much success and inspiration in your creative work!

Optimal use the space and let a wellness oasis in the bathroom grow

green plants bathroom shape large and bright

With the choice of lucky bamboo you still attract the luck to your side

green plants bathroom fashion lucky bamboo

The fern is also one of the plants that receive too little attention in terms of interior design

green plants bathroom fashion hanging plants

It is impossible to know all the plants, but those with the thick and fleshy leaves are usually the best for the bath

green plants bathroom shape room

Hanging baskets can also be attached to the ceiling in the bathroom and gain even more space for plants

green room plants bathroom frame bathtub

Use the mirror to bring more light and more green to the bathroom

green plants bathroom shape bamboo

Glass vessels and white elements make the bath appear even more pure and the plants come to the fore

green plants bathroom shape bamboo tree

Last but not least, the green houseplants contribute to the improvement of the room air

green plants bathroom fashion glass

Watch your plants and change their place if necessary

green plants bathroom fashion double view

It seems strange at first, to have plants in the bathroom, but you get used to it quickly

green plants bathroom fashion bananas

The greener, the more natural

green plants bathroom fashion double view ivy

At the beginning of spring, the organic bathroom design is wonderful

green plants bathroom fashion ivy
green plants bathroom fashion floor
green plants bathroom design landscaping
green plants bathroom fashion geranium
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green plants bathroom design gruener daum
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green room plants bathroom shape tropical climate
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