Mirror TV In The Bathroom: Pros And Cons, Decor Tips

The mirror TV is one of the newest amazing innovations , Is this a luxury item, a superfluous pampering that removes us even more from real communication? Or does this idea have more advantages, perhaps? Is the investment worthwhile and what should be considered? How do you set up the bathroom with such an extra to make the most of it? Let’s look at the answers to these questions together in the next few lines!

The smaller TV is sometimes better even for larger mirrors

very small mirror TV

Where is the mirror TV in the bathroom right on the square?

Or maybe we should start by asking if the mirror TV in the bathroom is right at all? The various innovations in the media are creating a sense of alienation from reality. You would tire our eyes and stress us in addition? What speaks against the installation of television in all rooms?

Now including in the bathroom. On the other hand, maybe the morning shower or the bath is the only moment to catch up on the news or get distracted by a fun show. Then you would have more time in the living room for the family and friends and can concentrate on communicating with them.

The TV makes the bathroom design more attractive

Round idea for a mirror TV

Place a value on safety!

Let’s continue the theme of placement from the mirror TV! Where exactly should this be in the bathroom? In principle, the innovative television mirrors are designed so that there are minimal health or other risks due to moisture and contact with the water. Nevertheless, you should position the TV so that this area is not too wet. You should also avoid the mechanical damage by knocks or contact with other objects as possible.

In the neutral bathroom facility, a TV comes out well

nice design mirror TV

Customized projection and light

Is a bigger or smaller TV screen right for your bathroom? It depends on what is comfortable for you. From one side you should not burden your eyes with the superfluous size. Furthermore you have to be able to see the TV and its picture in full size from as many perspectives as possible. The mirror TV in the bathroom will continue to work automatically additional lighting , You can use this in a skilful manner to create a more comfortable and safer atmosphere in the room.

Still a clearly visible television area in neutral interior design

Mirror TV blue in the white bath

Appropriate design for the bathroom decor

Finally, the TV will be an important part of the bathroom decor and decoration. Because the installation should make it more harmonious and comfortable and not lead to a fragmentation of this so important for our recreation space. Many great designer solutions can be found in our following examples!

A dark surface is a fitting backdrop for the Mirror TV in every way

Mirror TV brown bath

Determine the height of the TV so that it is visible from most points

Mirror TV set high

If the TV is in the lower area, the remaining area of ​​the mirror can be used to its usual function well

Mirror TV idea in blue

In the luxury bathroom, the TV mirror is now almost a must!

Mirror TV in the large room

Shipments of nature can lead to complete relaxation in the bathroom

Mirror TV with great picture

Often the best TV mirror positioning is at eye level

Mirror TV round design

With TV in the bathroom facility you can save time! Watch the news here!

Mirror TV beautiful interior

Often a very small TV for the bathroom is enough

Mirror TV great interior

Smart TVs can have many benefits for the modern bathroom user! How is the weather today?

Mirror TV great design

Also a classic design with two mirrors could include a TV

Mirror TV traditional design

In the neutral bathroom you can often experience the mirror TV as an enrichment of the interior

different colors mirror TV