Restyling And Individualizing The Bathroom: You Must Take These Rules Into Account

Would you like to redesign your bathroom and take the opportunity to modernize and individualize it? Do it, because one thing is certain: for every person, the ideal bathroom is something else. Below we have a checklist with questions and tips for you. They will help you to design your own concept. So the bathroom redesign will lead to individual and very practical results. The visualizations for this text will also keep you informed of the latest trends. Let’s get together on the way to dream bathroom planning.

By changing the decoration you can also redesign the bathroom

Redesign bathroom in line with the available space

There are many beautiful and modern bathroom design solutions. However, not all of them are suitable for your floor space and floor plan. That’s why these two aspects are the first things you should be aware of. First, find space for the functional facilities and the storage space.

Distribute the functional facilities as practically as possible

The convenient use of the sink, shower, bath etc.

Once you have your bathroom plan in place, check again to see if the solutions are just as practical. The shower and the bath not only have to look beautiful, but also offer you absolute comfort. This means, on the one hand, that you can stand there comfortably and safely, or sit or lie down. Furthermore, it is very important that these facilities fit so well with your bathroom floor plan that they are easily accessible. Last but not least, you have to check if the water can drain off quickly and easily enough. Too flat floor surfaces then pose a major problem in the care of both the individual facilities, as well as the entire sanitary area dar. You sure want to redesign your bathroom so that it is easier and more convenient to use than before, right?

The comfortable storage areas are a priority in the modern bathroom furniture

The storage areas

How many do you need and which kind? Should they be closed or open? Where should the banking issues be positioned? Would you prefer to position a cabinet under the sink? Maybe a shelf is much more comfortable for you? Ask yourself the same questions about the other items that are stored in the bathroom.

Design the bathroom according to your own needs

Use tricky corners and niches

The unusual shapes, both in the bathroom and in other rooms are now more the rule than the exception. When restyling your bathroom, you should ask in advance if you have used tricky niches and corners effectively enough. If not, then it is time to consider this as functional as possible. Perhaps a wall niche would be the ideal place for the sink, for extra seating or just for the storage space. Only then will you be able to accommodate a lot of space and not have to do without anything. In a larger bathroom you will achieve a harmonious and modern appearance through the intelligent use of such architectural features.

In this bathroom design we see on the one hand a functional storage space design and on the other – modern color combinations

Connection with other premises

Does the bathtub belong in the bathroom? Yes, sure, but not necessarily there. The pursuit of a homely atmosphere in the modern bathroom has brought it to the point where it has meanwhile combined sanitary facilities with living rooms and bedrooms. If you redesign your bathroom, you might think of such alternatives. The shower or bath could well share a more open floor plan with another room. This spreads a feeling of luxury through the apartment and could possibly save space in the bathroom, and expand its capacity.

As in other rooms, open concepts for the bathroom are always more modern

Set your priorities

Would you like to have a bathtub next to the shower? It’s only worth it if you really use it! Because otherwise it only takes you floor space and stresses you more than that it leads to relaxation and well-being. If you do without the bath, which would be superfluous anyway, you could invest in a luxurious shower setup! There are fabulous solutions right now that make you feel like immersing yourself in another reality. That’s what you want for your perfect bathroom, right? Maybe you like a TV and / or a seat heater? High-tech innovations are currently very much in vogue!

Meanwhile, the original tile patterns are particularly trendy

The choice of surfaces

The most important surfaces for the bathroom are, from a functional point of view, the ones you use most often. Wash basins and wash basins must meet your aesthetic requirements, but also be very durable and universal in terms of cleaning. This is something positive, unless the cleaning of the bath is your priority and desire activity in everyday life! But we tend to think so less of most of you. The use of luxury materials is a trend. But that also applies to the simple forms and the ease of care. As a result, the luxury facilities are also much more suitable for small bathrooms than before.

Many people place a high value on the effective use of wall niches when reshaping the bathroom

The right lighting

Take the opportunity to redesign your bathroom to optimize the lighting in this room. In addition to ambient lighting, modern lighting trends are placing increasing importance on targeted lighting. It should be particularly light where you care about oral hygiene, so your own health. For more safety and comfort you can also use other lighting strategies, as you know from other living areas. Also consider recessed lighting. What do you think of special bar lights for the bathroom, for example?

You can redesign your bathroom so that the functional furnishings serve as highlights in the design

Dare a smart and creative concept!

Let’s round off our practical overview with this so essential aspect! The modern bathrooms are available in many different shapes and sizes. In line with the latest trends, you can use almost all types of materials for the surfaces. In the sense of a modern appearance, however, you should focus on simple shapes and straight lines. Luxury furnishings and innovations are now part of the bathroom design of every scale. These are just three aspects that clearly show how far you can go in the direction of original and individual design. Take this opportunity to create a great concept that fits your needs and ideas perfectly. Stay practical, because the intelligent solutions will ensure the comfortable long-term use of your newly designed bathroom!

This lighting concept is efficient and also very attractive

A bath can be small, but visually wide

You can redesign a bathroom by just updating the color palette

Before you undertake a complicated concept, try to achieve a strong effect with few resources

Expand the capacity of your bathroom by moving some facilities to other rooms

Modern bathroom design can be very simple. As these here, for example

Do you have a nice view? Emphasize the view when you redesign the bathroom.

Are you looking for a minimalist look when you redesign your bathroom? This is how the result could look like.

If you want to remodel your bathroom modern, straight lines could be something for you

You can playfully deal with the dimensions in the bathroom. For example, you can visually prepare the room with horizontal lines.

Redesign a minimalist bathroom and achieve some momentum – this is how it works, for example.

Which facility is your priority in the bathroom? Maybe the walk-in shower?

Do you want to redesign your bathroom exclusively in neutral colors? Here are three great examples!

The bright modern colors are also great ideas when reshaping your bathroom

As in living rooms, neutral bathroom design emphasizes the influence of the modern natural environment

Finally, a very original idea of ​​how you could redesign your bathroom