20 Original Ideas For Chic Flower Pots

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What flower pots you actually want?

Flower pots are among the most popular home accessories at all. They are suitable not only as a container for your plants, but are to be used at the same time very often as original ornaments. In previous posts we have introduced some creative DIY ideas for Upcycling planters and vases. Very often they used used shoes, old handbags, wooden chests of drawers, suitcases and even metal, free-standing baths there. So a plant pot is not only very attractive and unique, but also very sustainable and thus completely environmentally friendly design. With each Upcycling project one operates against the irresponsible consumption of today’s throwaway society. Old items will be given a second chance and they come to new life. Jazzed up and proud they are simply, often becomes the undisputed catcher in the room, on the terrace or in the garden.

Place a special value on your flower pots

planter houseplants ceramic face

Today, it’s about 20 imaginative, stylish designs for flower pots, which are small, for this but quite striking. Some are ceramic, others from China and others made of plastic or other innovative materials. There are even those you may not notice at first glance. For example the book flower pots, you can hide between your real books is so. Made completely of plastic, it can be filled with art earth or pebbles with minerals, and suitable for almost all types of room plants, particularly for Succulents, and for those who need much water.

For the time being in your flower shop good advice

planter houseplants book planters planter

You can plant a small air plants on the other hand in small shells or other ocean finds. Down growing, they look like small sea creations such as Octopus or squid.

You can to beautify your walls or create a creative room decoration

planter room air plants pot sea Fund

Another idea for your wall decoration with flower tubs here is this with the small white clouds. You pour your plants in this case in a very original and gentle manner.

The water trickles very slowly out of the clouds directly on the flower pot

planter houseplants mural original Flowerpot

And how about a cute, Little Mermaid on the windowsill?

planter indoor plants plants planter Mermaid

Cacti are virtually for every planters

planter houseplants handful of cacti pebbles

Unusual flower pot design – the Iemani House

planter houseplants Ienami House flower pots

Have a cute, little ceramic whale as a planter?

planter houseplants ceramic figure Wal planter

Just look at all design ideas for flower pots are alone and draw the necessary dose of inspiration from it. Find the perfect flower pots and present it in a sophisticated way. Lots of fun and success!

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Flowerpot houseplants heads colorful planters

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Flowerpot houseplants oval planters Aquarium

planter houseplants chess chessboard

Flowerpot houseplants succulent Fox

planter houseplants succulent cat cat black white

Flowerpot indoor plants of growing Flowerpot innovative