33 ideas how you can design the small balcony

How to design the small balcony…

Yes, unfortunately, not all of us can enjoy a spacious balcony. However, small balconies also have their charm and provide us with pleasant rest and relaxing moments in the fresh air. They are our relaxation oases, where we have a classic breakfast with coffee and the newspaper in hand, or in the evening a romantic Candle-light dinner for two can enjoy. That is why it is so important to make the balcony really cozy. Especially when the area is small, you notice it immediately, if the setting is not right. A small balcony can quickly overload, eg when the balcony furniture is too big or too much. A rule of thumb is to leave at least a third of the area free. This makes the balcony visually wider and offers enough room for movement. The most important point when setting up the small balcony is, of course, your own taste and personal preferences. In addition, one should also consider and address its specific needs.

The furnishing style? Clearly, also a significant aspect of the Balcony design . It would be ideal if you already know in advance whether your balcony should look rather minimalist, oriental or rather Mediterranean. If you have already clarified this question, then it is much easier to get the right balcony furniture and living accessories.

Design the small balcony, made easy

Balcony furniture balcony furniture furniture wood furniture

The matching balcony furniture for the small balcony

Basically, it is advisable here to acquire rather elegant pieces of furniture. For large furniture somehow look too clumsy on a small balcony and at the same time occupy too much precious space. The materials should of course be weather-resistant and hard-wearing – best suited for this purpose are teak, bamboo , Plastic and stainless steel.

Rattan also looks great on the balcony. One should look at which impregnation would be applied. Because only with polyrattan do the furniture need no additional weather protection. Great building materials for DIY balcony furniture are also Europaletten and wine lists. Such pieces of furniture are usually quickly become cool eyecatchers.

For DIY balcony furniture, Europalettes are a real classic

Balcony design balcony furniture europaletten diy furniture ideas lanterns

Which colors should you prefer

Here, too, the most important guidelines of the Innentign apply. One of them: Choose brighter nuances! These give the space additional optical scope because they are known not to absorb the light, but to reflect it. Also pastel tones and neutral colors are recommended here, because they look smooth and harmonious. A few fresh colors can be put here and there by flowerpots or other accessories.

Even mini balconies can be furnished tastefully

Balcony design balcony furniture folding chairs table flower heads braided flower heads olive tree hydrangea

Balcony plants and the certain something

Here, you are certainly faced with the torment of choice because the offer is quite large. In every garden center you will find a huge selection of plants, flowers and other items that are quite suitable for your small balcony. Some of the most hygienic plants are petunias, fuchsias and geraniums, but also oleanders, olive trees, Succulents And lavender are definitely to be preferred. Practical for small balconies is the trend of vertical gardening. This way of designing the plant not only saves space but also looks very effective at the same time.

Think also vertically

Balcony design balcony furniture folding chair sideboard wooden boxes vertical gardening

Balcony design balcony furniture diy ideas vertical gardening europalette flower pots

Depending on the furnishings and flair, you can add a small statue, a decorative fountain, a windmill and other decorative items to the balconies. Do not forget the romantic lighting! Light chains, metal lanterns, lanterns and candles are a must.

In this sense we wish you a wonderful, relaxed summer and not only on the balcony!

Magnificent home accessories with oriental flavor, for example Westwing Find

Balcony design balcony furniture oriental pendulum lantern round table sofa cushion

Trendy stripes in black and white give the balcony a certain dynamic

Balcony design balcony furniture balcony plants seat cushion striped woven stool rattan furniture

Balcony furniture in white – the perfect choice for the small balcony

Balcony design white folding table chairs wood shelf flower stand

Less is also often more

Balcony design balcony furniture side table metal balcony plants armchair

Even barbecuing can be arranged on the small balcony

Balcony design balcony furniture grille balcony design metal railing

Visibility from straw or bamboo makes the balcony even more comfortable

Balcony furniture balcony box sofa carpenter minimalistic straw protection

Here, your kitchen herbs feel just perfect

Balcony furniture balcony furniture metal folding table chairs balcony plants

Great mini-table-top by Nimio Lab

Balcony furniture balcony small table railing breakfast nimio lab

And even more seating comfort and coolness from Ikea

Balcony design balcony furniture pink armchair plastic sheet metal yellow

Sometimes you need to switch off and stop

Balcony design balcony furniture rattan furniture armchair side table metal plants lantern

Balcony design balcony furniture round side table folding chairs carpet plants

Balcony furniture balcony table lantern sofa seat cushion carpet

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Balcony design balcony furniture balcony ceramic pots round carpet lantern round table stool stool

Balcony design balcony furniture balcony small wooden metal chairs

Balcony design balcony furniture balcony wrought iron chair side table

Balcony design balcony furniture balcony plants sofa armchair table cushion pastel colors

Balcony balconies balcony balconies herbs flower stools round table white metal chairs

Balcony design balcony furniture balcony plants herbal metal table chairs

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Balcony furniture balcony furniture diy ideas wooden boxes rugby round table furniture wall-mounted shelves flowerpots

Balcony design balcony furniture railing folding chairs table rug cushions zebra print wooden boxes vintage style

Balcony design balcony furniture wood chairs table balcony plants herbs

Balcony design balcony furniture chest of drawers braided baskets wooden ladder flowering plants

Balcony lantern furniture metal lantern couch table cushion cushion seat straw

Balcony design balcony furniture metal plastic white wood flooring protection citrus trees

Balcony furniture balcony furniture round sofa sofa carpet lantern flower pot balcony plants