33 Modern Terrace Design Ideas For More Summer Fun

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Modern terrace design for more summer fun

No matter how many vacation days and weekends have the people in the big city, she can never get enough of summer. We all want to have more entertainment in the fresh air.

A beautiful green terrace can make sure that we enjoy the summer really intensively. They must also modern impact. Otherwise it inscribes itself is difficult in our house design.

This is not so difficult. You need just a little sensitivity and pleasure, to invest some time in the redesign of your terrace. The holder of the terraces have done exactly that, we show you in today’s article.

Determine the function of the small terrace!

The design of the small terrace must be subordinate to a function. What are you doing there like? Like to drink coffee alone or with friends? Would you be prefer there in the afternoon with a beautiful book in hand?

You have to find matching furniture to do so! Be quiet little less tread. This is no problem if the rest and the conversation at the table are your priorities.

Practical patio design ideas with Euro pallets

euro pallet furniture of diy balcony ideas plant metallic balcony table Chair side table carpet

Multiple functions on a terrace

You accommodate successfully several functional zones on medium-sized terraces with ergonomic design. You can successfully combine for example a comfortable seating area with a BBQ area.

When such multifunctional design, it is important that you observe the natural contours of your terrace.

You don’t want that the wind brings the smell of barbecue in the Interior, or? The seats should also be arguably closer positioned on the Interior. Last but not least, it is important that you back up an easy access from the indoor kitchen to grill location.

No matter what functions you want to combine when planning the design of the terrace, you have to stay practical.

The old wooden box is in the blink of an eye to an original coffee table

colorful cushions small balcony terrace design carpet runners ethno

Make the furniture for decoration

Many of the rules that are important also for the interior decorations are modern terrace design. For example, it is on confined spaces the furniture to serve also as decoration. So to save on too many details. This is very important, because once the patio is too full, it is not more harmoniously.

Uniform look or clear zoning

There are many ways to make a patio design modern and at the same time harmonious effect. You can accomplish this through the pursuit of a unified look, as well as through the clear zoning. It is important that you decide for one of the two concepts and uncompromisingly do this.

Balcony furniture and planter in white make for optical distance

terrace design balcony furnishings-white balcony furniture cushion trolleys Flowerpot

Multifunctional furniture

You have little space, but you want to have all necessary furniture on the terrace? Here is a creative solution: A piece of furniture is able to perform several different functions.  The long benches are a great example. On this, there is plenty of room to sit, and you can turn even a serving tray.

With some chairs collected here quickly from the inside, secure easily more seats.

Plants, plants and more plants

You feel better, if you have as more plants on the terrace the summer mood. For this you need the corresponding place. Plant pots can be placed to the outside of the railing. Ensure safety especially when there is a pedestrian under your deck.

Create a flowery oasis on their small balcony

spring flowers balcony plant folding table chairs white terrace design

Cannot play also an artificial grass carpet. This refreshes the environment.

So, what constitutes the modern terrace design? It is intelligently planned and corresponds to our individual needs. It is harmonious and relaxing. The modern terrace design is capable of transformation and makes the most of the available space. The modern terrace design is a natural extension of the Interior. It helps the city people to enjoy the warm months outside in his small OASIS.

Apple green and elegant balcony furnishings for a comfortable ambience to relax

balcony furnishings terrace design sofa Chair footstool-occasional table porcelain stool green

Secure a practical vertical order for your plants

balcony furniture gray Dresser shelves Folding wooden floor terrace design

Rattan outdoor furniture are recommended for the terrace design very

balcony furniture rattan patio design dining table couch stool chairs balcony plant

You can add quietly about old wooden chests or boxes

balkonmöbelupcycling ideas coffee table wood box rattan sofa sisal carpet metal Lantern balcony plant

An old display case will very easily and quickly to a small greenhouse

display case Cabinet balcony terrace design balcony plant

Home textiles and the right plants

balcony furnishings terrace design colorful pillows rattan furniture sofa carpet runner

Closed balcony can benefit in addition – for example with an Ethanolkamin

sesssel candle holder ethanolkamine to balcony Setup terrace design

Users you ideal the place out!

balcony furnishings terrace design round table rattan chairs seat tulips

Vertical Garden on the wall

balcony design bench seat wood colorful dekokissen bonsai pots for balcony plants

Correctly choose balcony plants, rattan furniture, Visual and sun protection

rattan furniture Ottoman sofa cushion balcony plants carpet awning

The wood panel provides optical warmth

balcony furniture saddle dekokissen stool white stone balcony plant

Colorful home furnishings bring more dynamism on the balcony

balcony flowers plant balcony furniture wood colorful textiles carpet rug

Privacy wood is very practical and yet also very elegant

balcony plant Lavender balcony furniture sofa cushion Chair privacy wood

If you stand on boho chic

boho style seat cushion terrace design of design of balcony carpets white sofa coffee table

Or prefer easier and more puristischer?

grey balcony furniture sofa coffee table wood floor metal lanterns small balcony

Use natural materials and used items in the terrace design

home textiles-colorful Strip metal bucket balcony plant boxwood

If you have a sofa in the balcony, you put many colorful pillows

wood balcony furniture natural colorful textiles kisssen round tables carpet runner black white stripes balcony plant

small balcony furnishing ideas bench cushion Driftwood wind chime

furniture made of pallets round table sofa carpet runner Cushion cover

rattan furniture balcony Chair coffee table wood balkoneinerichtung terrace design

balkomöbel terrace design sofa closet cushion green round table chairs buy

terrace design balcony set up black rattan furniture carpet white sofa

terrace design balcony furniture wooden furniture sofa Chair coffee table rug

terrace design balcony design rattan furniture sofa Chair coffee table

terrace design balcony furniture seat cushion Palm table balcony design

flower pots plant terrace design balcony vertical orchids garden

terrace design wood floor folding balcony Setup

terrrassenDesign balcony furniture of blue wood furniture folding chairs round table porcelain tableware

upcycling ideas of balcony seat old wooden box carpet runner folding table stool

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