Balcony Decoration – Interesting Facts And Practical Tips

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balcony design ideas metal seating ceramic coffee table

The most important questions of balcony design

Do we treat balcony design’s most important issues today? We have made us to proceed this time somewhat clearer and more original. We want to treat the topic from different points of view. Like we want to after the other issues one, which always occur for many users. You stick with it?

Actually not true comes towards the end of the year the time for retrospectives?

Balcony design for limited space

balcony design ideas chairs folding table

If you have little space the disadvantages are particularly striking that remain on larger areas from the point of view. So it’s–order stands in this case in the balcony design as a main priority. Invest the most time in them.

Appropriate plants for your balcony design

Many different criteria must be considered. In the design of the balcony everything must work on small areas again clearly and neatly. Still, you must set yourself on the Sun, the wind, the shade. Because this exercise a strong influence on which plants you select for your balcony design so that your balcony plants also survive and everything beautiful looks throughout the year.

Right on the balcony

The design of the balconies should include possibly small storage boxes or garden units. That, again, depends on the place which you have. In all cases, one often has many items on the balcony. So that the whole has a comfortable and cozy, these should be repealed well. As in all other places you should experiment as long as possible with many different versions of the design of the balcony, before you decide on a concrete.

Spacious and tidy

balcony design ideas Palm rattan chair glass table

The appropriate space for the plants

After you have selected the appropriate plants for your orientation and climate conditions, would have to find out exactly what balcony facility which fits. Possibly you need shelving or shelving systems. Large or small flower containers made of the one or the other material will also be in question. The good balcony design creates all and also it has a lot of time to linger there.  Now it is still winter time! You have up to the spring still enough time. Plan everything very well and think through all the details from different points of view.

Small and cozy

balcony design ideas-patterned carpet white chairs table

Repainting the room

Is the color, which you now have, the best for your balcony design? From the outside you may take something not always because the facade. However, on the page that is turned towards you, you have full freedom. Is your balcony too tight or too dark. Through the matching colour scheme, all can be changed fairly quickly and repeatedly. The time before the flower planting is suitable for painting. So you have less work with the clean up afterwards.

Furniture on the terrace

More and more designer look at the balcony design in connection with the Interior. Ideas from an and other countries exchanged with each other. It creates rather than just bridges, a seamless transition between the two. To transfer the living room, the kitchen and other types of rooms just go outside.

So you get rid of the old-fashioned patterns for the design of the balcony. Now you can afford real freedom in this respect.

Play with colorful hues such as turquoise

balcony design ideas of striped carpet runner

Prepare a small party on the balcony

balcony design ideas folding furniture Clotheshorse

Simple and discreet at the same time

balcony design ideas chairs table

Comfortable and sunny

balcony design ideas wicker chairs white

An oriental touch with Lavender

balcony design ideas metal lanterns

Vintage balcony design

balcony design ideas metal chairs table sheet pots

Colorful pillows for more zest for life

balcony design ideas PVC Chair of round table

Classic in black and red with Palm

balcony design ideas rattan chairs Palm

Light rattan furnishings and many pillows

balcony design ideas furniture cushions

Comfortable with privacy and roofing

balcony design ideas furniture privacy

Casual and modern at the same time

balcony design ideas rattan sofa coffee table wood box

Breakfast on the balcony

balcony design ideas Roundtable

Relax and enjoy the summer

balcony design ideas round table pattern carpet

Simple comfort

balcony design ideas round table bench

Minimalist in red, grey and white

balcony design ideas sisal carpet corner sofa

Meditative and cuddly

balcony design ideas cushion pillow yellow Cabinet

Dignified and discreet

balcony design ideas Walnut armchairs tables

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