Balcony Design Made Easy: Practical Tips

How would you make this year your balcony?

The first signs of spring have felt many of us yesterday. Finally a little smiling sunshine! Nature begins to slowly awaken to new life and so you get to even more desire to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Of course is an extended walk in the forest or in the park for our well-being at least, there’s not always time enough but in the stressful everyday life or it is sometimes rather too set to want more peace and quiet at home. Thus, a rooftop terrace or a balcony just offers vital assistance. Even the smallest balcony allows you the necessary portion to grab oxygen and to refresh. And makes you wonder already: how would I make my balcony this year?

In the balcony design, exactly as with any interior design, one has many variations, not only in the face of the colors and furniture, but also of the furnishing style. Depending on how you like to like it, can according to very modern style balcony in the industrial or minimalist design, or but rather romantic Shabby Chic with a subtle vintage touch. Here you can rely properly on the own gut feeling. There are still some important aspects should be considered, especially if you have a smaller balcony in each balcony design. We start from the bottom to the top!

Make the small balcony with love

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Find the right flooring

Already since the beginning of human time, we are always strongly connected with the Earth. Are fixed to the floor or relaxing on the lawn to lie, one of the most natural things in our lives doesn’t matter whether we ever consciously notice it or not so. Almost every one of us has several times already feels the benefits of barefoot walking, especially if the feet are tired.

It says so: especially within your own four walls, the flooring should be. Because it plays an important role in creating a cosy atmosphere. The balcony is no exception. On the basis of the right flooring, you can make very comfortable also a balcony. It must be not necessarily the granite tiles or stone slabs. These materials are indeed durable, impact but rather strictly and are either cold in the morning or too warm in the summer. However, recommends the use of a wood deck or clickable wood tiles, which are available in stores, and you can quickly and easily set. Teak-, Acacia wood and bamboo are the classics here, but also high-quality innovative materials such as Resysta® and Duro iDecking revolution offer you a perfect, wood-like appearance and pleasant feel. Such materials are not only optimal weather resistant and durable, but also 100% environmentally friendly. The so-called outdoor carpets, which are found in different colors and patterns are a welcome alternative. These are constructed from suitable weather resistant fabrics and can remain calm even in the rain and snow out.

Balcony design made easy

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Space-saving, functional balcony furniture

You have to think rationally and practically on smaller areas. So, if you want to make a small balcony, then you should concentrate more on folding balcony furniture. These are available at many retailers, such as Kettler. The newest collection of PS 2017 provides you with plenty pieces of furniture that are perfect as well for the balcony and the garden, as well as for the interiors of IKEA. Slope directly attached to balcony railings, tables are also a sophisticated solution for the small balcony, as well as semi-circular tables, stool or poufs. In this case, the key word in the balcony design means: storage space. This should be adequately present that your balcony has the charm of a storage closet. Narrow benches with drawers or old wooden chests are doing excellent as seating and storage space. Each corner of the balcony can be used also in addition, for example through corner shelves. These serve not only as a storage space for small items, but also for smaller balcony plants. For a cool DIY look, you can use the good old Euro-pallets. From this original and sturdy balcony furniture, you can make which immediately become the catcher. No matter what options you decide, one should be observed in any case: outdoor furniture are UV-resistant and resistant against mildew and weather be optimal.

Lightweight, foldable furniture for the small balcony

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Select Sun and balcony privacy

Depending on the alignment, each balcony gets different intensity of sunlight during the day. Especially if you have a South – and west-facing balcony, you need the right sun protection anyway. These umbrellas are optimal at smaller balconies, which are attached to the parapet. Usually they are equipped with an umbrella holder and are very easily mounted. More smart solutions were semicircular screens with semicircular umbrella stands, sunshades or awnings that are attached to the wall.

On the other hand, the balcony privacy ensures more privacy in your balcony OASIS. This is also the rule of weathering. A tip from us: not completely insulate your balcony. Let better small vacancies have more airiness and freedom.

Screening of straw or bamboo is particularly comfortable and rustic

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The wonderful world of balcony plants

The balcony alignment plays a crucial role in plants, because here is of course for living beings. All Sun-thirsty flowers and plants such as lavender, Olivenbäumchen, Rosemary or hibiscus, but also Cape daisies and blue daisy are at a South-facing balcony. Our favorite – the magnificent oleanders – immediately brings a relaxing, Mediterranean touch with its rich flowers in pink, white and yellow and gentle, Mediterranean fragrance. And of course classics such as petunias and Geraniums are not welcome on your balcony, just because they look beautiful, but because they are also extremely easy to clean and durable.

Wood and ceramics create more comfort on the balcony

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If you are not at home longer than a day or two, don’t forget the water storage boxes especially on warm days! Maybe you should consider even an automatic irrigation into consideration.

For the East-to west facing balcony, we recommend: daisies, boxwood, decorative Maple or Cranesbill. You can plant of course snow knapweed or tuberous Begonias. Plants although, Laurentie houstonianum thrive just as well on a balcony with such alignment. You can combine all these and more suitable balcony plants at your whim and arrange on the balcony.

You have only a balcony, which is aligned to the North? Don’t worry! Also here you can make it a cosy paradise of plants. How about, for example, with grasses and ferns? Or do you rather prefer flowers? Then the beautiful hydrangeas, lobelia and Fuchsia are offered. You can invite also quietly bleeding heart and bluebells to himself on the balcony. They will feel just perfect on a north-facing balcony.

Paint your balcony furniture in fresh, saturated colors

balcony make folding chair folding table flower balcony plant

If you have a bit more space or simply stand on higher plants, you can plant Olivenbäumchen, most, or Brugmansia in larger pots.

Many herbs and also fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes and strawberries are bred by many happy on the balcony and even harvested. So the pleasure of balcony design is even bigger, and you can also literally enjoy his work.

Extra tips:

Arrangement of balcony plants use not only the classic flower boxes, but also the well-proven corner shelves, cuttings, vertical beds or large wall troughs.
Combine green plants such as ferns, bamboo, or boxwood with the flowering balcony plants.
When the nights grow colder, wrap the plant with newspaper.
If possible, paint the exterior walls on the balcony in bright, light reflecting colours.

Minimalist can mean also homely

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With balcony lighting the last romantic touches give

And of course the icing on the balcony comes last but not least: the appropriate lighting of the balcony! What would be really any device without light? Even if it is only very small light sources, transform our surroundings in a slightly safer place, which gives us a sense of rustic warmth. And when the balcony lighting there thank goodness many variants of lighting – lanterns, oil lamps, LED lights, solar lamps, fairy lights, metal lanterns, fire bowls, fire baskets or garden torches. According to their own tastes and preferences, you can choose the suitable light source, or combine a few. Romantic – lights! These must be naturally weather-resistant, and secured.


If you want to make your balcony, you need particularly much tact and love to detail. A little patience and a dash of planning before are probably also included. Our today’s design tips are suitable as a side dish. We hope this will help correct you.

The editorial staff hope you enjoy when considering, planning and setting up!

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Think in the vertical!

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An old wooden staircase can work real wonders arrangement of balcony plants

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Upcycling is not only hot, but also sustainable

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For Euro-pallets and wooden boxes are simply excellent

Balcony furniture of diy ideas make balcony euro pallet bench coffee table balcony plant

A clever solution for real barbecue fanatics

balcony make barbecue barbeque balcony design tips

A few Oriental lanterns and soft cushions ensure that certain something

balcony furniture fashion balcony seat cushion seat lanterns balcony plant

Summer light heartedness in a delicious Käffchen

balcony furniture fashion balcony Wicker Chair folding table balcony plant

It is of course too simple and practical with a modern side table

balcony balcony furniture design chair of hanging table railing balcony design tips

Hardwood floors and rattan furniture provide an extra dose privacy on the balcony

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balcony shape balcony furniture chairs teak wood aluminium rattan furniture

balcony balcony furniture rattan chairs make lying cushion natural wood

Create your own personal balcony oasis with patience and love!

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