Balcony Furniture Set – The Correct Lounge Furniture For Your Outdoor Area

balcony furniture set rattan furniture sofa sofa table privacy bamboo

Balcony furniture set – 15 great examples

You have a beautiful veranda or balcony great? But perhaps your outside area on the basis of money, time or a lack of otherwise not well enough equipped? Or maybe not the right ideas have invaded more still you?

In all cases, are the examples here probably just right for you?

Maybe you will realize after the few pictures here that the older furniture, which you saw in the basement of the House, will fit super good for you!

Have but a little time and check our selection!

ANI villas

balcony furniture set for small balcony Chair coffee table small

Here we see a balcony with many functions. You can enjoy a great view and the pure environment from here. The look is simple, clean and has a high class.

Austin residence

balcony furniture set lounge furniture fireplace wood planks flooring fireplace

This project corresponds to the simple lifestyle of customers and has been created according to the rules of minimalism. The entrance of the Court is cool and clean. The farm on the side is covered with grass and is surrounded with easy-care shrubs and trees.


balcony furniture set rattan wood tile flooring lounge furniture

The first thing what a striking here are the floor tiles. You are great. Forget, we enjoy also the ravishing furniture not here where the home owner recover and life.

Cetral Park West

balcony furniture set garden furniture wooden planks flooring city Outlook

The veranda here showing simple and yet elegant patterns. The Schmiedeeisenbalsutrade does not distract from the breathtaking views.

Residence on Lake Austin

balcony furniture for small balcony floorboards flooring balcony railing

The wooden ceiling of the terrace and the grille area are nice and modern at the same time. So adorable, don’t you find?

El Sueño

The woven house furniture will fit best to the country houses. The furniture set here consists of sturdy great-looking furniture.

IRIS Dankner terrace

balcony furniture set lounge furniture wood floors carpet relaxation corner figures

The tropical style of the terrace was inspired by a trip to Belize. The place has the charm of a paradise.

Manhattan Beach

balcony furniture set rattan garden furniture roof terrace design

The furniture on this terrace represent a mainstream design, which fits to houses. Why not decide yet on something? The facilities are comfortable, earthy and beautiful.

Marblehead House

balcony furniture set lounge furniture In maritime style white Blau sea view

The classic, white, and blue stripes are never stop to amuse us. Here is a nautical feeling which reminds us of the beach, which is located just across the border. I am in love with this prospect, and you?

Modern Moroccan tablecloth

balcony furniture set rattan furniture sofa sofa table Pergola Teppichboden privacy bamboo

A great base shading for rooms, which are inspired by exotic locations is beige. This year, Moroccan-style accessories and pallets are particularly topical and popular. So take a look around to carpets, furniture, soft details in this style. So you are can make charaktervoller and with high culture your home.

Presidio residence

balcony furniture set rattan garden furniture glass sliding doors wooden floors laying

We love the oversized sliding doors which open to the terrace. In this case, they were attached to the master bedroom.

Contemporary courtyard in San Francisco

balcony furniture set rattan garden furniture Palm trees outdoor lounge

The cushions on the back are made such as for sofa. Super well succeeded in this case. This makes the room beautiful.

South Beach chic

balcony furniture for small balcony sunbeds murals balcony plants

The plant container on the wall make this room just great! The lounge chair is certainly convenient, but also beautiful!

Sunshine booth residence

balcony furniture set rattan lounge furniture decking sea view

Fabrics for outdoor use with marine patterns were attached to these chairs here great and all together creates a ravishing general effect.

Zen terrace

balcony furniture for small balcony sunbeds balcony plants carpeted floors

Here is a lounge space for one person. If you want a perfect relaxation in an intimate outdoor setting, then it should be on your porch only about yourself.

Place a great lounge chair on the railing, you populate it with comfortable cushions, roll out a simple mat and give off the whole look closed off by the plants.

The balcony furniture sets here are beautiful, you like them as well as us?