Balcony Furniture Set: To Design You A Haven Of Well-being On Your Balcony

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The balcony – the small corner of good feeling for home

The private balconies is a well-being outdoors for all without private garden or refuge facilities in the countryside. It serves the retreat, relaxation and gives holiday flair. For the optimum design of space and alignment of the balcony must be considered. With targeted handles a few square metres can be turned into a small paradise.

Balcony furniture: outdoor hanging Chair

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Following main categories are important for the design of a balcony or even garden :

-Furniture-Plants-Decoration-Lighting-Sun protection

Whether North, whether South, East or West

The alignment of the balcony is central. A South-facing balcony has the bulk of the day sun. Sunshades or awnings are ideal for Sun protection. With a Sun or a sun lounger can rest and sunbathe. Plants are needed here, holding out much sunlight (E.g. Lavender). An East – or west-facing balcony has Sun only each morning or in the evening and requires half shade plants. A north-facing balcony, however, is not for sun-worshippers, particularly pleasant but on hot days. Shadow family feel here such as hydrangeas. High-quality furniture at best are water repellent and weather-proof is required here. Otherwise, they can draw moisture and quickly suffer damage.

Balcony furniture set with an elegant design

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Simple metal bench in Orange

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The lighting on the balcony is practical and can create a pleasant atmosphere. Whether wall lamps, solar lamps, fairy lights, lanterns in various sizes to torches and even small braziers are options. The decoration is more with less often. Set accents consciously, rather than to decorate every centimeter. A view of protection mat made of various materials is convenient and creates a spatial and pleasant atmosphere at the same time. Use small gadgets for their balcony grills, which take place in flower boxes or planting baskets, which can be used like a small flower bed, for example. Crucial in the plants beside the balcony of taste and whether they are used purely for decorative purposes or as crops. They are also excellently suitable to hide bald spots on the balcony, for example, by using a trellis of vines.

Purchase cheap garden furniture

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Who has the option – spoilt. Who like to would like to get a broad overview of the possibilities and offers without doing any hardware store to visit can inquire on the Internet. Online pages, offer already good comparisons of different balcony and garden equipment from different manufacturers such as, for example. So a good overview can be gained before it goes to the final transformation.

Space-saving folding furniture for the small balcony

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Practical folding chairs in blue

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A step into the open

The size of a balcony is not central. It is to make optimal use of the available space. Take advantage of the best space saving furniture or those who can ‘turn’. These include balcony hanging tables, folding tables and chairs, and benches. For a small balcony, half tables and small side tables are good. Also storage space is important. For example in the form of corner shelves or inside the benches. A chest can be concerned, with cushion equipped, used both for storage and as a seat. But, make sure that your balcony is not storage. If you select hangers, hanging over the balcony railing, for example for plants, you save space.

Round balcony table in red

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You can your balcony and generally your outdoor lend an individual touch by selecting a specific topic for the institution. Should the balcony be used for what purposes? This serves as a first orientation in the facilities. Rustic, purist, romantic – select style set. Draw the focus to what’s important to you.