Balcony Furniture Yourself Building – Garden Furniture Set

balcony furniture yourself construction end table green metal

Garden furniture and balcony furniture set from recycled materials

Need new garden or balcony furniture for your outdoor area. These are too expensive! Therefore, most people prefer to build such pieces of furniture itself. Here we show some DIY projects for you.

If one of these DIY projects you like try to build it yourself and create a comfortable seating area outside. Take a look on our garden ideas for how you can garden and balcony furniture yourself build !

Build your own balcony furniture

garden furniture yourself building pink glitter acrylic Chair

Euro pallets

balcony furniture itself build Euro-pallets pads cushion

Small sofa from wood pallets

europallets Brown balcony furniture yourself building green colors

Brightly painted, Folding wooden furniture on the balcony

europallets coffee table balcony furniture yourself building chairs colorful

Comfortable hammock on the farm

wood garden table balcony furniture yourself building hammock pillow

Love to sew? Hammock you can make easily and quickly this DIY. A colorful throw pillows complement the piece.

Large dining table with attached Succulents

balcony furniture yourself building wooden garden table Succulents

Dining table made of Euro pallets with Succulents grown in the middle. Fairytale garden idea and original wood textures…

Variety of DIY projects for the garden

balcony furniture yourself building wood painting stained

Sofa made of concrete bricks

balcony furniture yourself building wood sofa stone brick

Sofa made of concrete brick is absolutely solid and stable. On the back, plants are grown, what makes it look naturally and organically. The throw pillows add a convenient touch.

Fresh, blue throw pillow

balcony furniture yourself build wooden pallets pads blue

Flash yellow

wood rocking chair balcony furniture yourself building yellow

Don’t you find this rocking chair is great? We love the bright yellow color. Such chairs are easy to find at the flea market. The wooden platform and the ropes make this design look stable and robust.

Seesaw in the garden

balcony furniture yourself building wood Schuakel mattress

How do you find this seesaw? Put a mattress on a wooden platform and enjoy your NAP in the summer.

Compact, Folding wooden furniture for the urban balcony

balcony furniture folding itself building wooden table chairs

Folding metal furniture

metal furniture itself building metal folding furniture

These are acquired – thematic balcony furniture, rattan

furniture yourself building balcony rattan permanently resistant

Oriental style

furniture yourself building balcony rattan black cat

Throws and cushions furniture balcony itself build rustic Cap cushion

Traditional design

garden furniture sofa building backrest blue pads

This fantastic sofa costs only 15 euro. In our opinion it looks really ergonomic and beautiful.

Industrial grade

balcony furniture yourself building table Euro-pallets

There are many DIY projects from Euro pallets, but this one is our favorite! Why is that! It looks absolutely natural and robust. Compact coffee table and sofa throws-covered. You find it too great?