Balcony Garden: Basic Tips For Successful Balcony Design

The balcony garden is often our only natural paradise in the urban jungle. Even if you have very small surfaces, you should be careful when designing them. At first glance, the balcony design with plants seems simpler than the usual garden design. However we have here about little space and there are many essential stylistic issues to consider. In a larger garden, we can allocate one zone to living comfort and another – to other purposes. On the small balcony you would have to combine everything however. So in this case we are dealing with more complicated issues and challenges. Here are our tips on how to get out of this situation successfully!

You can only plant one area of ​​the balcony!

Balcony garden railing

Determining the relationship between habitable and plant elements

Should the balcony garden remain a livable area or should one mainly use plants there? Or do both aspects have to be equally represented? Depending on which option you choose, you must use different design strategies in both cases.

If you opt for the homely option, then you must first distribute the furniture according to your needs and tastes. The plants have to complete your concept. These come first, however, if you want to create a lush or garden. The furniture In this case, you should arrange it as practically and optimally as possible.

The balcony planting can also bring tropical flair with it

Balcony garden kongtrastreicher effect

The practical questions of plant care

The plants on the balcony have the same needs as these in a larger garden. Depending on the species, they must be in the sun, in the shade or partial shade. Shielding from the wind and rain is also of great importance. The plants must continue to be carefully fertilized and watered. Choose varieties that you can take good care of under these circumstances. Also remember that the plants attract different insects. Can you handle it?

Balcony planting with edible plants is very modern

Balcony garden with edible plants

The stylistic reference to the interior

The balcony garden should represent a practical extension of the interior in practical and stylistic terms. Mostly it serves as an additional seating area. In many cases, you design functional surfaces there and thus save space in the kitchen. You can choose the style of a concept that corresponds to the interior. Or you can achieve an invigorating contrast. In all cases, however, the balcony garden must look like an enrichment of the interior.

What about a small accent wall with plants on the balcony?

Balcony garden with scaffolding for plants

Reference to the environment

Inevitably, the balcony garden captivates the exterior appearance of the building in which you live. In addition, the whole thing seems more harmonious when it makes reference to this. You can create this in several ways. For example, the design of the balcony garden in colors or shapes can be in harmony with the surroundings. Always consider this aspect! If necessary, also get advice from your neighbors.

The plants are accents in this balcony design

Balcony garden with arched shapes

So what’s up for a balcony garden?

In the balcony garden, it is important to enjoy more naturalness, more comfort and better quality of life through proper planting. You can do that with the help of many plants. Rely on your own feelings and be sure to remember how much time and effort you can invest in them. Finally, you should determine the relationship between the exterior and interior. The balcony garden can be considered as a border: it can either be flowing and let the environment outside in the interior of stronger impact. But it can shield us from the outside world and provide us with lush plants to recover from the gray atmosphere out there. How would you feel most comfortable? Hopefully our concrete examples will give you concrete inspiration for your balcony design!

Gray-green color palette for a modern balcony design

Balcony garden with wood and lawn

With the right furniture and green plants on the balcony you can achieve a true Zen atmosphere

Balcony garden with Mediterranean elements

A single green plant can transform the balcony design

Balcony garden with furniture and decorative plants

Another strategy for balcony design in a rural style

Balcony garden with homemade furniture

The gray-green color palette is ideal for the big city

Balcony garden with urban and urban character
Balcony garden with a lot of tread
Balcony garden modern and classic elements
Balcony garden seating niche

Vertical garden for the balcony design! An always good idea!

Balcony garden vertically in planters
Colored accents on a balcony garden
contrast between green and gray balcony garden
several different planters on a balcony garden

Modern, minimalistic, lively – for many the ideal balcony design with plants!

super modern look on a balcony garden