Balcony Planting – How Can You The Right Do?

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balcony planting balcony flowers balcony plants balcony flower box

The correct planting of balconies

Who wants to expand his domestic balcony to a true oasis of well-being, will not come around to the selection of magnificent plants. Contrary to popular belief, relatively many plants for beautifying a balcony suitable even if necessarily consider the individual needs of the plants.

In addition to the requirements of the plant, also planting varies, how much space is the owner of a balcony on a breezy terrace available and whether he pursued a specific purpose in the choice of plants. So, a balcony, for example, as a kind of vegetable garden in height or as a playground for insects can be created or provided. Mixed forms between these two variants are conceivable, so below a short overview should be given, should observe what factors at the correct planting of balconies.

Would you plant on your balcony? So do it right

balcony plants planting balcony balcony flowers balcony flower box

The herb garden on the balcony

Just because there is no private garden, for example, apartment owners in the big city will never have still long on vegetables or fresh herbs. Many useful plants can with a little skill and a well-thought-out plan of planting themselves on the small area of balconies cultivate, their tasty Früchte can then be harvested.

While normally ground planted an herb garden in the bed, such an approach on a balcony is not possible. With raised beds can be remedied this problem but. A raised bed can be generally seen within a short time from existing waste of wood built along or purchased at the hardware store. A construction manual for a simple raised bed can be found under

After the prerequisites have been created with the raised bed for a vegetable garden on the balcony, is the selection of the preferred plants. This should be that only plants are cultivated, the also real opportunities have to thrive on the spatially limited balcony sure in particular. Bushy plants such as raspberry or BlackBerry will unfold only little in a raised bed. In addition the spines are likely to also ensure that soon even the inhabitants of the balcony there feel no longer. Smaller herb and vegetable varieties, however, can be grown safely on the balcony: tomatoes, basil, sunflowers, chives, onions, Zucchini or strawberries cost a little money to purchase and require relatively little maintenance, so they can be easily drawn on the home balcony.

But anyone who is planning a profitable herb or vegetable garden on the balcony should plan absolutely the site conditions of the high bed. When a balcony on the north side of the House, for example, is attached and feels as good as even no direct sunlight, probably also the most herbs and crops are not very well thrive. Who be a balcony with enormously strong sunlight, however, called own, must provide for a sufficient irrigation of the plants and, where appropriate, think about an extra shade. As already in the construction of a new balcony on the possibilities of the later planting can cast a is under betrayed.

Balcony plant and lively design

balcony planting wooden deck laying flower box balcony plants

A flower garden with insect meadow

Much like already the herbs and vegetables, of course different ornamental plants on a balcony can be attached. In flower boxes and tubs, but also in a raised bed that can be seeded and planted. Here apply the same principles as also with a herb garden on the balcony: the claims of individual plants in terms of water and Sun duration must be observed to ensure a long pleasure on the balcony garden. Who loves insects such as butterflies and bees, may prefer special plants that attract this kind of insects. Then turns own balcony not only a sea of flowers but also a playground for happily buzzing and droning insects.

Solutions for the limited space

Little area is who on the private balcony available, which should be to look for space-saving alternatives from the plant Kingdom. Rank plants, for example, prefers to grow on building walls and therefore not much sit on the balcony. You can still make for a pleasing green and significantly improve the atmosphere on the balcony. When maintaining significant differences exist by climbers and some specific varieties are characterised as very sensitive. Accordingly, acquiring rank plants should always be after an extensive search for information to help ensure that the high-quality plants also thrive in the area reserved for them. Under various factors and types of climbers are presented and described what the selection and care must be taken.

Hazards of a planting of balconies

A fundamental point that should be noted when planting a balcony in addition concerns the statics of the balcony. Who provides, for example, large and especially heavy clay flower pots and plentiful earth filled with them, should keep the permissible maximum weight of the balcony system in mind, not to jeopardize the security of its users.

Furthermore, it should be noted also that can be attracted by plants of all kinds of insects, as well as possibly different pests. Just for those who are in possession of a wooden balconies, this may be unpleasant consequences can bring, if the wooden parts of the construction are not sufficiently protected. Who is not sure, should rather consult a professional in case of a fall and renew its wood protection before the garden on the balcony is too unpleasant experience develops.

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