Modern Terrace Design – Cool Lounge Furniture Outdoor

outdoor furniture modern terrace design cushion carpet sofa

Transform your patio into an exciting lounge outdoor

Oh, the outdoor lounge. It sounds like a dream job in a health resort remove isn’t it? Today we have set us by the Freshideen team as a destination, to show you that this dream will transform into reality can. Why sounds the idea for the purchase of an outdoor lounge for many people so far away?

Perhaps it is the comfortable furniture and accessories, which can be really expensive, especially if you do not have much money! That’s why it’s saving today! It’s about those among us who can have little time and resources and great cast their outdoor areas anyway. Let’s start with the first image below. [according to PROJECT.interiors]

Modern terrace design with cool lounge furniture

modern terrace design wooden deck design wood Pergola bed

What are the key elements of the outdoor lounge? This picture says it all! Be a new private room, rooms for comfortable recreation, some cushions, and of course, many plants need. These make always a great impression. Today I want to show you where you start, where you go that way and how you can successfully complete the process! Are curious! Then read on!

Curtains outdoor

Okay, that picture below fits more to a dining area as a lounge. But my concern is first and foremost the curtains! You get a creative Cabana atmosphere and create a holiday atmosphere. Continue to define the space and create a sense of privacy. [according to Rachel of lax interiors, Ltd.]

Creative Cabana atmosphere

modern terrace design patio roof wood curtain lounge furniture

Curtains can be expensive, they usually cost a lot of money. The beautiful white curtains below are not bought, but they represent a DIY project. We have us simply by Freshideen falls in love with this great turned to space!

DIY project

modern terrace design rattan furniture wood Pergola curtain ideas

Find appalling the idea for sewing your own curtains? Consider using not very expensive shower curtains into consideration! Thus, they could also beautifully adorn your outdoor area. Ultimately, many are waterproof and Schimmelresistent. You already have holes and with rope loops you can make more if you need them. You can also acquire great on

Just make sure that you purchase the correct length for your lounge!

modern terrace design outdoor shower curtain

Place to rest

What would your outdoor area without the place where you are and relax. It’s about something more than fold-out Chair. You need a place where you can put your feet up and read a good book.

Below not conveniently look the day bed?

modern terrace design garden outdoor lounge furniture wood roofing

Lounges for sun loungers and outdoor chaise can prove very expensive. This applies especially to cases if you want it to look good. Would you consider for your own into consideration? Those are also a DIY project and we find fascinating, how great they have transformed the otherwise boring corner.

Build outdoor bed yourself

modern terrace design decking outside bed itself building beams pallets

Woodworking does not fit to your plans? Then take the use of cylinder blocks into consideration! Can be very easily executable projects thus. You can convert a real place to rest. I mean such a Bank, that really grows out of the wall!

Do it yourself – place to rest

modern terrace design garden furniture Riario himself building

Comfortable cushions

I can not turn my eyes from this great pillows. Here you can see a great domicile in Vindom, Spain.

Modern terrace design

outdoor furniture modern terrace Design Designer lounge furniture sunbed

This sensational pillows in cool colors are a work of the company of CB2. So many and fun designs, including geo-meets on – folk art patterns are here!

Cushion with colored designs

outdoor furniture modern terrace design cushion carpet sofa

But when it comes to come shopping for a set of cushions is not a very good idea! What about projects in this case with DIY? They can make them also weather resistant, by locating strategically appropriate materials. The pillow below is a DIY project by TBF and use the materials are really not expensive!

Low-cost DIY ideas with great effect

outdoor furniture modern terrace design lounge furniture cushion stripe pattern

Plants with strong effect in the interior design

Looking for the cream dove on the cake? Then look for a few plants that make a strong impression. So often I have dispensed with the purchasing of green plants. This is because I found no right plant container.

Make a green terrace

outdoor furniture modern terrace design sunbeds covers striped upholstered seats

CB 2 comes back with a good idea! Because these great metal plant containers are offered where! They are classic and modern and can be purchased in many different shades. It has various works made of galvanized steel to the selection.

Balcony plants

modern terrace design balcony plants privacy living fence

Your budget is not sufficient? Here is another version of the savings: you opt for cylinder blocks! You can create through these constructions of various sizes. They can be purchased for a few dollars!

You’ll love their modern aesthetics

modern terrace design balcony plants flower box figures

What will you do after reading this article? I will now look for matching curtains for my outdoor area. I was thinking about weather-resistant tablecloths. They will serve as resources for outdoor use. If I find the right one for me, I promise to post them to Freshideen! My Word!