Patio Design Ideas – 10 Relaxing Themes For Outdoor Use

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terrace design ideas rattan Gartenmäbel coffee table Oriental pendants

10 inspiring patio design ideas

Outdoor rooms are intended for you to relax in it. You can make more out of a topic this, which you have in there already. But often, the idea of thematic facilities of the outdoor area inspires false associations. One thinks of welding torches and pink flamingos.

But it doesn’t have to be and I’ll demonstrate today this you 10 great examples.


Romantic lanterns and bright coloured carpets bring the theme “Middle East” to this holy place.  The contemporary furniture are exactly and they owe it to the low seats and brightly coloured cushions.

Patio furniture from rattan and hanging lamps in the Oriental style

terrace design ideas Bower wood Pergola Gartenmäbel coffee table Oriental pendants

Do you have any enclosed area? Use the draping outdoors to create a tent-like effect?

In this sense the hanging lanterns are conceived

terrace design ideas of maritime style armchair sofa canopy

Mark element

Nautical details play a huge role here. Incorporate only a few tricks, such as glass surfaces and knot-bound decoration.

So you will not feel equipped restaurant themed in a

flooring stone paving patio design ideas Bower wood furniture

The nautical style do you prefer? Provide brightly colored, striped fabrics or patterned cushions and teak furniture, to achieve this one

wooden deck terrace design ideas Marimer style decking wood furniture pads blue

The garden

Celebrate the green thumb, by integrating the garden, in the room. The water bodies and the grid behind this couch help to create a flow, but the main attraction is the vase which is filled to the brim with flowers.

Garden and terrace design ideas

landscaping terrace design ideas furniture sofa coffee table flowers

South West

Again check the details and ensure that your room is not overcrowded. Opt for one or two overarching thematic accents, such as about the cacti in flower pots and the pillows with bright patterns here.

Rattan garden furniture and an outdoor fireplace

outdoor garden patio design ideas rattan furniture outdoor fireplace minimalist simple


On this beach house the sandy neutral get a boost by the lurid nautical stripes, without that it will reduce the effectiveness of the Ocean thus. Remember the coffee table with driftwood, shells and sea glass, which are arranged in a beautiful Bowl, and thus Crown the look of the room.

Lovely wooden terrace with sea view

outdoor wooden deck terrace design ideas furniture sea views


Let’s talk the lush plants for themselves. You can do this through the minimalist furniture. You can easily bring them under the canopy if a storm is coming in the afternoon. Place Asian-inspired pieces in the green to give an exotic mood.

In the company of tropical plants

landscaping tropical garden wood porch plants

National atmosphere

Celebrate the spirit of a country that you love, by hanging the flag at the front gate. Record accents from their shades and distribute corresponding accents in the whole room.

Show national pride!

wood porch hanging Chair swing decking in red


Place a Tiki hut in a corner, to give a holiday mood. Reed roofs can last for between 40 and 50 years, but their duration depends on the climatic conditions. Maybe you should ask the installer for a long-lasting synthetic alternative.

A special Garden House

terrace design ideas Bower wood Pergola bar counter bar

Palm trees

You must live in the desert, not to give a touch of this Mecca in your home. White furniture with bright color accents, some cacti and palm trees will contribute much in this direction.

Patio design ideas in a minimalist style, with an exotic touch

terrace design ideas concrete terrace covering cacti Sonnenscutz privacy

Alpine atmosphere

Create a retreat with the character of a mountain range with rustic furniture made of wood, crafted iron details and lots of comfortable pillows. A group of candles is everything your table needs to look stylish.

Wooden deck in a country house style

wooden deck terrace design ideas patio roof wood

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