Patio Design Ideas And Inspiring Examples

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terrace design ideas green wooden terrace pot plants lounge furniture wood Pergola

Great urban verandas: so it can be reached!

Have you looked at our last posts about great gardens on small City terraces ? So, we go on now!

In the first example, the porch is separated from the panorama of the city by an industrial, not walled brick wall. Through their red color, it provides the perfect background for the Green, which plays the main role in interior design here. About executed also the flower pots in the wall color. The furniture is in very bright shades. The Green and the Flash decoration come before really strong to bear.

In the same image, one of the greatest elements of the terrace had remained hidden. Now we see it: the Green fence, which consists only of lush bushes. The sofa is presented. So you can sit practically in the city and be surrounded by real nature.

Patio design ideas with which you will create a beautiful terrace

terrace design ideas balcony design potted plants lounge furniture wooden terrace

Eng and how completely from recycled materials the terrace seems to be, which we get to see now. The floor is covered with bricks and pieces of wooden pallets serve as handrails. Then we see a smeared obviously with new, sky-blue color, used Chair. The whole is enriched by lush plants in flower pots. Many of these were used in the inner side of the terrace. Here, we see a different perspective from the same terrace. Very interesting was with the character of this cactus. See how he seems to embrace the railing like a pair of pliers.

Make small balcony

terrace design ideas small balcony design balcony plants

Cacti as balcony plants

terrace design ideas small balcony design potted cacti

In this picture you can see how it has used the space and the railing to add more green. So it appears himself as a mixed structure and slowly takes the character of a vertical garden.

Lush balcony plants as Visual and sun protection

terrace design ideas small balcony design potted Pebble floor

The third example here two contrasts with the previous. Here, the terrace has a decidedly upscale character. It has completely omitted on harsh elements. The Interior is also very green, but very elegant and urban. The Green items here, a tree, a few small bushes and the Green fence are lush. But their zones are clearly separated from the rest. Because here you have hardly any other natural elements in the furniture and construction equipment. It dominated the minimalism, metal and glass. Flash purple elements spice to the whole thing in a great way.

Roof terrace with dining area and outdoor kitchen

terrace design ideas balcony design potted rattan furniture sofa

Terrace with wooden roof and glass walls

terrace design ideas balcony design outdoor dining area kitchen glass walls

Accurately plan the terrace

terrace design ideas balcony design dining outdoor kitchen plan

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